Best Weapons In Call of Duty Mobile Season 5

Welcome to our guide to the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5! With the arrival of the latest season, titled “Get Wrecked,” players are eager to know which guns will give them an edge on the battlefield.

Season 5 brings significant changes and new features, including new maps, Operators, weapons, and much more.

In addition to these exciting additions, Season 5 has also seen several weapon adjustments, resulting in a shift in the meta for CoD: Mobile.


Popular weapons like the AS Val, Cordite, and HDR have received significant buffs, among others. While it’s best to stay informed about the most potent weapon available, with all these changes, determining the best weapon in CoD:

Mobile for Season 5 can be a challenge. However, fear not, as we have you covered. In this article, we have highlighted and ranked the top-performing weapons in Call of Duty Mobile to help you choose the right one.

So, get ready to dominate the battlefield with the top-performing weapon in your arsenal.


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Call of Duty Mobile’s Best Weapons ~ Season 5

While there are ten categories of weapons in CoDM, which are: Assault Rifles; Submachine Guns; Light-Machine Guns; Marksman Rifles; Sniper Rifles; Shotguns; Pistols; Launchers; and Melee. In our list of the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 provided below, we will shortlist the best weapon in each category. So, let’s get started!


1. Assault Rifles ~ FFAR 1

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are weapons in CoDM that excel at long-range engagements and deliver substantial damage. The AK-47, Oden, Krig, and M4 once dominated, but considering the recent buffs and nerfs, the current top-tier assault rifle in Season 5: Wrecked is the FFAR 1.

Based on personal encounters with players wielding the FFAR-1, it is evident that this weapon is an absolute beast, despite its magazine capacity of 25 bullets.


With an impressive fire rate and mobility, the FFAR-1 however, requires players to have a precise aim to fully exploit its potential.

To obtain the FFAR 1 weapon; you’ll need to reach Tier 21 in the Season 5 Battle Pass and acquire it for free. Alternatively, you can opt to purchase the Season 5 premium battle pass and reach Tier 50. By doing so, you’ll unlock both the Epic and Base versions of FFAR 1.

Features of FFAR 1

  • Mobility:           80
  • Fire Rate:        91
  • Accuracy:        42
  • Range:            52
  • Damage:         24
  • Control:           42

2. Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs) ~ CBR4

Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs)


SMGs are powerful weapons with a high fire rate and exceptional mobility. With the season 5 update, the CBR4 comes out as the best sub-Machine gun in COD Mobile Season 5, despite undergoing numerous changes over the past year.

The CBR4 (also known as the P90) stands out as an outstanding all-rounder SMG weapon in COD Mobile due to its quickness, fast rate of fire, low recoil, stability, and accuracy.

This weapon offers substantial damage, and it is most effective in medium-range combat. To unlock the CBR4 SMG in COD Mobile, you must complete the CBR4 Supremacy quest.


Features of CBR4:

  • Mobility:           94
  • Fire Rate:        80
  • Accuracy:       43
  • Range:            47
  • Damage:         24
  • Control:           42

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3. Light-Machine Guns ~ UL736

Light-Machine Guns

When it comes to the best light machine gun category, it’s difficult to overlook the significance of the UL736.


The UL 736 is a fully automatic Light-Machine gun that stands out as the top choice for long-range combat. With its high damage output, solid accuracy, and rapid-fire rate.

This gun proves to be a perfect and excellent choice for engaging enemies from a distance. To unlock the UL736 LMG, you’ll need to reach level 16.

Features of  UL 736

  • Mobility            51
  • Fire rate          62
  • Accuracy         58
  • Range             70
  • Damage          40
  • Control            65

4. Marksman Rifles ~ Tempus Torrent

Marksman Rifles ~ Tempus Torrent


One standout option in this category is the Tempus Torrent marksman rifle, which made its debut in the Season 2 Reloaded patch.

With its potential to eliminate opponents with just one shot to the head or two shots to any other part of the body, the Tempus Torrent excels as a formidable weapon in the multiplayer mode of the game.

To unlock the Tempus Torrent marksman rifle, you can either complete an in-game challenge, purchase a bundle in the store that includes a blueprint for the weapon, or have a friend drop it for you in the DMZ.


Features of Tempus Torrent

  • Damage          74
  • Fire Rate         61
  • Range             74
  • Accuracy        72
  • Control            70
  • Mobility           60

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5. Sniper Rifles ~ DL Q33

Sniper Rifles DL Q33

Coming in as the best Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile Season 5 is the DL Q33, which has consistently held the title since Season 2 and continues to maintain its dominance.


As one of the few guns in the game capable of eliminating opponents with a single shot, the DL Q33 continues to reign as the epitome of sniping prowess.

Its high damage, rapid bullet speed, deadly accuracy, and relatively high fire rate make it unmatched when it comes to consistently landing your shots.

We firmly believe that the DL Q33 is the best sniper rifle in COD Mobile Season 5. It remains the most dependable scoped weapon among all snipers.


Even if you’re just beginning to hone your sniper skills, the DL Q33 stands as the ultimate choice. To unlock the DL Q33 Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile, you simply need to reach Player Level 1.

Features of DL Q33

  • Damage:         90
  • Fire Rate:        26
  • Accuracy:       59
  • Mobility:           32
  • Range:            99
  • Controls:          32

6. Shotguns ~ KRM-262

Shotguns KRM262

Coming in as the best weapon in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 under the category of shortguns is the KRM-262. Introduced in the Season 3 update, the KRM-262 quickly gained recognition for its exceptional attributes.


The KRM-262 truly shines in its intended role, delivering high damage output, exceptional accuracy, and enabling you to run and gun your enemies in close combat situations.

With its excellent bullet spread and fast chambering speed, it stands as the preferred shotgun for both Battle Royale and multiplayer engagements. Notably, its ability to excel in long-range engagements sets it apart from other shotguns.

To unlock the KRM-262 shotgun, you’ll need to reach Player Level 43. Once acquired, you’ll experience its impressive damage, fire rate, and accuracy.


Features of KRM-262

  • Damage:         98
  • Fire Rate:        28
  • Accuracy:       51
  • Mobility:           73
  • Range:            39
  • Controls:          42

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7. Pistols ~ .50 GS


When it comes to choosing a secondary weapon, we believe pistols are the way to go. As they are among the most popular secondary weapons used in Call of Duty Mobile, alongside Launchers and Melees.


While there are several options available, including the L-CAR 9, Shorty, MW11, Renetti, and more, we consider the .50GS to be the best Pistol in Call of Duty Mobile season 5 among others.

Also known as the Deagle, the .50 GS is a hard-hitting pistol that delivers substantial damage up to 76 points. With excellent accuracy and manageable recoil, the .50 GS is an essential weapon to have. However, it does require some skill to control its recoil and maintain accuracy.

With the right loadout, the .50 GS becomes a formidable weapon in your arsenal, capable of turning the tide in your favor during intense battles. To address this, we recommend building an akimbo loadout for the .50 GS.


Features of .50 GS

  • Damage:         76
  • Fire Rate:        33
  • Accuracy:       88
  • Mobility:           87
  • Range:            50
  • Controls:          68

8. Launchers ~ FHJ-18


In the realm of secondary weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, the FHJ-18 holds significant importance. This launcher is specifically designed to dismantle enemy equipment and scorestreaks, making it an invaluable tool on the battlefield.

What sets the FHJ-18 apart from other launchers like the SMRS is its automatic lock-on feature. When aimed at enemy scorestreaks, the FHJ-18 swiftly locks on and launches a missile that accurately tracks and destroys its target. This means that whenever opponents deploy scorestreaks or equipment, players can rely on the FHJ-18 to effortlessly eliminate them, ensuring a hassle-free experience on the battlefield.

Features of FHJ-18

  • Damage:         300
  • Accuracy:       90
  • Range:            90
  • Fire Rate:        10
  • Mobility:           40
  • Controls:          20

9. Melee ~ Katana

Melee ~ Katana


Mastering the usage and acquiring the best CoD Mobile melee weapons can significantly boost your kill count, accounting for 30-40% of your stats. In some cases, skilled players are even able to secure kills solely with their melee weapons.

Our best and most iconic melee weapon in CoD Mobile is the katana, a legendary Japanese blade renowned for its ability to slice and dice foes. As a close-range operator, you must position yourself in proximity to your enemies to fully capitalize on the katana’s power.

While it may seem unusual to wield a sword in a high-energy shooting game, its swift slashing and devastating strikes make it highly effective in close-quarters combat.


By honing your skills with melee weapons, particularly the katana, and pairing them with weapon mods and abilities, they transform players into formidable forces on the battlefield, achieving remarkable kills and leaving your opponents in awe of your mastery.

Features of Katana

  • Damage:         200
  • Fire Rate:        10
  • Accuracy:        70
  • Mobility:           90
  • Range:            10
  • Control:           70

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 offers a diverse range of powerful weapons that can cater to various playstyles and preferences. From assault rifles and submachine guns to sniper rifles and melee weapons, there is a weapon for every type of player.


It’s worth noting that each weapon has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the best choice ultimately depends on personal playstyle and preferences.

Experimenting with different load-outs and attachments can help fine-tune your arsenal for optimal performance. So gear up and embrace the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 to gain a significant advantage over your opponents.

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