Best Traits And Synergies In Legend Of Slime (Guide And List)

This post provides you with some of the best traits and synergies In Legend of Slime that you can use to Improve your adventure. Plus, you will learn how you can obtain them. Let’s dive In.

Best Traits In Legend Of Smile

1. HP (Health Points)

Firstly, we have HP, the lifeline of your Slime heroes. The more HP they have, the longer they can withstand enemy attacks.


2. Companion Damage

Companion Damage is all about the extra firepower your mate brings to the table. The higher this trait, the more active your companions are. They will make your overall team damage a force to be reckoned with.

3. Attack

Attack is the raw power behind your Slime’s hits. The higher the Attack stat, the more damage your Slime forces out with each hit. It’s the bread and butter of dealing with foes, a strong offense is often the best defense.

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4. Attacks Per Second

Attacks Per Second are the speedometer for your Slime’s assault. A higher number means your Slime can throw attacks or unleash skills more frequently. It’s all about keeping up a relentless barrage of attacks and catching your enemies off guard.

5. Skill Damage

Skill Damage determines how much punch your Slime’s special moves pack. Whether it’s a powerful blast or a strategic trick, a higher Skill Damage stat ensures your Slime’s abilities hit hard.

6. Basic Attack Bonus

The Basic Attack Bonus is a booster for your regular hits. It adds extra hits to your Slime’s standard attacks which makes even the basic moves more powerful. It’s a great way to maximize damage output in every situation.


7. Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage

Critical Hit Chance increases the likelihood of landing these game-changing attacks, while Critical Hit Damage determines how much extra pain they inflict. Together, they create moments of immense damage that can turn the tide in your favor.

8. Gold Obtain

Last but not least, we have Gold Obtain. This trait determines how much shiny gold your Slime earns during battles.

Gold is essential for upgrading and improving your team, so having a Gold Obtain stat ensures a steady flow of resources to keep your Slime heroes in top shape. These traits are the building blocks of a formidable Slime team which will make your Slime unit unstoppable in the game.


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Best Synergies In Legend Of Smile

Colors play an important role in shaping your Slime squad’s strategy, and here are the best synergies In the game:

1. Purple Synergy (Extra HP Regeneration)

The Purple synergy is a healing potion for your Slime heroes. It grants extra HP regeneration which ensures that your team stays in the game longer by slowly recovering health over time.


2. Green Synergy (Increases Basic Attack Damage)

Green synergy is all about strengthening your Slime’s standard attacks. This synergy is a solid choice for those who prefer an easy approach to dealing with damage.

3. Orange Synergy (Provides an Attack %)

Orange synergy provides a percentage boost to your Slime’s attack power. It ensures that every strike packs a more significant force. Focusing on four orange traits is a wise move.

4. Red Synergy (Increases Critical Hit Damage)

The Red synergy helps In delivering devastating critical hits. It doesn’t increase the chance of landing a critical blow, but when it happens, the damage is off the charts. It’s about turning those rare moments into game-changing opportunities.


5. Blue Synergy (Provides HP and Evasion, Great for Boss Fights!)

Blue synergy is your go-to for survival, especially in boss battles. It not only boosts your Slime’s HP, keeping them in the fight longer.

However, for an unbeatable combination, aim for four Orange synergy traits and one Blue or Red trait. This setup maximizes your offensive potential with the attack boost from Orange while adding a crucial survival element from Blue or Red. It strikes a balance between dealing with damage and staying resilient.

How To Unlock Legend Of Slime Traits?

1. Unlocking Traits

You need to defeat Dwarven King. Beat him once, and you’ve unlocked the traits menu. Once you’ve shown the Dwarven King what you’re made of, he opens up the door to a world of trait possibilities.


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2. Accessing The Traits Menu

Once you’ve shown that bearded monarch who’s boss, the traits menu becomes your new hangout spot. It’s like a customization hub for your Slime heroes.

If you want to strengthen their HP, open up their attack, or enhance their critical hit chances, this is the place to do it.


3. Rerolling

You’re not stuck with the first traits you get, you’ve got the power to reroll, to shuffle the trait deck, and try your luck for something better.

It’s a second chance to get the traits that perfectly complement your playstyle. Experiment, mix it up, and find the combo that suits your Slime strategy.

4. Earning Trait Points

Every victory earns you trait points, the currency of the trait trade. Rack up points, and you unlock more traits to play with. You can also catch trait points from those AFK chests.


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