Best Tips On How To Secure Pearls in Stardew Valley

This is a guide to obtaining more pearls In Stardew Valley. Pearls are a rare treasure from the sea that every gamer has been dreaming of.

Its season Is winter while its healing effect is Indelible and costs around 2,500 gold grams. However, if you want to learn how you obtain more pearls,

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Let’s dive In.

How To Get Pearls In Stardew Valley

1. Desert Trader

Heading to the Calico Desert in Stardew Valley gives you a shot at finding pearls through the Desert Trader. This guy does things differently, he likes to barter instead of selling for gold.


Pay him 5 Omni Geodes, and he hands over an Artifact Trove. It’s a surprise bag with ancient relics and rare stuff inside. However,  there’s a 3.7% chance you may uncover a pearl in that trove. But it could be something special.

2. Fish Ponds

Willy, the fishing guy, can hook you up with pearls through Fish Ponds. But this is what you need to do: Fill a Fish Pond with 10 Crabs, and get the crabs from the ocean using Crab Pots or by battling Rock Crabs and Lava Crabs in the Mines.

Drop those 10 crabs into the pond, and Willy may throw you a pearl. However, there’s another angle. If you’re into weird fish, try a Blobfish pond. When you hit 9 to 10 fish, there’s a slight chance (1.7-1.9%) of getting a pearl.


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3. The Night Market Festival

During Stardew Valley’s Night Market Festival, you’ve got the Mermaid Boat on the Beach from 5 PM to 12:30 AM. They are a mermaid that sings, and after the show, you can tap on clamshells with numbers 1 to 5 in a specific order – 1-5-4-2-3.

Do it right, and you will get a special item. Tip: nail the sequence, and you get more of a pearl; however, be careful not to mess up the taps; one mistake cancels it.


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If you’re into fishing, the Submarine ride at the Night Market offers a 0.4% chance of obtaining a pearl. It’s a bonus during your underwater fishing adventure. So, between mimicking mermaid tunes and trying your luck with a fishing rod, you may end up with a pearl.

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