Best SSSnaker Skills Combination That You Can Leverage

In SSSnaker, there are two types of skills: active and passive. It’s a shooter game where you control a snake that grows bigger as you go through the dungeon.

However, It’s not just about getting longer, your snake also gets stronger, so you can easily take down enemies. One amazing thing about SSSnaker is how smoothly the snake moves, this adds to the feel of the game.

You also get special attacks for different areas that let you be creative in taking out enemies. Also, the game throws in some new skills to keep things interesting and strategic.


Some of these skills are super effective (S-tier list) while others are lightweight. In this guide, I will share with you the best SSnaker skills combination.

Let’s dive In.

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Best SSSnaker Skills Combination

1. Ice


Ice Is a game-changer, dealing 4 times the damage of your standard attack. It belongs to the S-tier list, that is, Ice Is the best skill that you can combine In SSSnaker.


If your usual turret inflicts 598 damage, the Ice Turret dishes out a substantial 2392 damage. However, sometimes, It’s not just the raw power; the Ice Turret, with its freezing touch, also slows down adversaries.

Just occupy the Ice Field, and the Ice Turret’s damage skyrockets to 6 times the norm. Frozen foes not only suffer but also leave icy zones, hampering the speed of unsuspecting enemies crossing them.

Hit 2 Crowns, and the iced opponents pitch ice pillars, packing a punch at 15 times your regular damage. Reach the peak with 3 Crowns, and these icy pillars boost to a colossal 20 times your attack power.


The strategy is:

Use the Ice Turret wisely for optimal damage and battlefield control. And here’s a little-known secret: Upgrade your elemental skills by merging three snakes of the same kind.

Merge 3 Ice Snakes to unlock the formidable Ice Sword, a move that delivers a staggering 35 times the usual damage. The added perk of slowing down your foe reflects the prowess of ice skills and turrets.


2. Lighting


Lightning is also another fantastic skill that belongs to the S-tier list. At first, it dishes out a solid 2X damage, which Is not too shabby If you ask me. Lightning pumps it up a notch, and the damage jumps to 2.5X, not the grand 4X, but still impressive.

You can Invest 2 crowns in Lightning Turrets, and you’ll plug a 6.5X hit that sets off a chain reaction if enemies are close enough. With the Chain Lightning skill, your attacks jump from enemy to enemy, delivering a shock to all in their way.


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3. Holy


When you unleash Holy, you need to get prepared for some serious firepower as the skill is loaded with a punch at 4 times the strength of your regular attack.


Why Holy is one of the best skills that you can combine is its ability to go through enemies and walls, just like PiercingShot.

Holly’s skills can make you hit targets behind obstacles. If you want to get the best of this skill, just Upgrade it to Holy Thrust, and you’ll be dealing 6 times the damage. Holy Refract your projectiles refract twice, delivering 8 times the normal damage.

And if you’re into maxing things out, Frenetic Refract boosts the refracting to 4 times and also cranks up the damage to a massive 10 times. However, Holy can be a big deal though It’s not in the game yet, but when it drops, you’ll want it.


4. Fire


Fire is a formidable skill, and It’s one of the best skills you combine. Compared to the icy skills, fire loaded four times the damage output.

And the heat continues as enemies hit with fire don’t just feel the initial burn. No, they get the bonus of suffering from ongoing burning damage.


Then again, the Flame Attack move produced a moderate amount of damage. But if you want to make a statement and leave a blazing mark, there’s the Fire Line skill.

It’s a game-changer that creates a horizontal blaze upon impact. For crowd control, the Cross Line is your go-to move. Also, flames in a cross shape hit enemies from every direction.

It’s not just for show; the increased fire and burning damage will leave your enemies feeling the heat. As you level up (yes, even skills grow), the Fire skill reaches its three-crown glory, forming a fiery circle on impact.


It simplifies hitting multiple enemies at once. Yet, fire strikes are confined to a circle, unlike lightning, which has a broader reach.

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