Best Slimes You Can Leverage in Legend of Slime

This post provides you with some of the best Slimes In Legend of Slime. At level 35, each slime comes with a special move that makes it stand out.

Some slimes are up for grabs for free as you play, no need to shell out any cash. But there are also slimes you can get if you’re willing to spend some real money. However, In this post, I will share with you some of the best slime, and you will learn about their unique skills.

Let’s dive In.


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Best Slimes In Legend of Slime

SlimeUnique Skill
BunnyTransforms into a Super Bunny every 7 seconds, unleashing a powerful attack that deals 420% of the total Companion ATK as damage. Additionally, this attack sends enemies flying. The damage is doubled if there's only a single enemy.
CrobiEvery 7 seconds, Crobi calls forth 3 suicide bombers from hell. Each bomber deals damage equal to 100% of the total ATK of all companions, creating a devastating explosive impact.
DevaDeva responds to approaching or attacking enemies by launching attacks at 200% of ATK. Moreover, these attacks contributed to the recovery of Deva's HP by 1%.
GhostGhost releases a spooky aura, dealing damage equivalent to 4% of the total companion ATK. Up to 8 ghosts can appear with each kill or after 1 second, haunting and damaging enemies.
HeroThe Hero leads the fellowship in a fierce attack every 4 seconds. This assault deals damage equal to 500% of the total Companion ATK. Notably, the damage inflicted is multiplied by 2.5 against enemies (excluding the Boss).
IgnisIgnis transforms into a mighty dragon every 11 seconds and attacks with Dragon's Breath. This breath attack deals damage equal to 450% of the total companion ATK. The damage is further multiplied by 2 when targeting the Boss.
KobalusKobalus commands the goblin watchtowers to unleash a rain of arrows every 8 seconds. These arrows deal damage equivalent to 500% of ATK, creating a formidable defensive barrage.
MelissaMelissa, the forest-type slime, features a giant queen bee that roams the sky. This majestic creature constantly deals damage equal to 15% of her companions' total ATK, providing sustained aerial support.
MechaMecha combines its components every 8 seconds, transforming into a powerful entity that bombards enemies with an attack equivalent to 250% of the total companion ATK. Notably, Mecha remains impervious to damage during this transformation.
OsteonOsteon, the Castle-type slime, summons a colossal bone from the ground to attack. The damage inflicted ranges from a minimum of 300% to a maximum of 30000%, depending on Critical Hit Damage.
PenguinPenguin, of Village type, calls 6 bald penguins from the underworld every 7 seconds. These penguins deal damage equal to 220% of the total ally ATK, creating a quirky yet effective offensive tactic.

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