Best Ships In Azur Lane

Playing Azur Lane is more like creating a dream team with over a hundred ship girls to choose from. Each ship has a special ability.

You’ll have destroyers, strong battleships, and quick cruisers. However, with over 100 ships, it can feel a bit overwhelming to pick the best. In this post, I will only be sharing with you the top ships In Azur Lane that you can use even if you are just starting.

Let’s dive In.


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5 Best Ships In Azur Lane In 2024

1. Helena

Helena’s main gig is her special barrage, a big, powerful attack that happens every 20 seconds. It is a surprise party for your enemies, but instead of cake, they get a load of damage.


If Helena’s swaying some Eagle Union gear, she throws this barrage every 15 seconds which makes it rain destruction more often.

Helena loves creating drama on the battlefield. Every 15 seconds, she has a chance to drop a zone that freezes enemies in their tracks.

When Helena pairs up with her pals Helena or Lena, she becomes a shield, taking 8% less damage. Teamwork makes the dream work, but if she’s flying alone, she’s got some moves too.


Her evasion goes up, and she reduces the damage the lead ship in your Vanguard takes. Then again, Helena unleashes it every 15 times she fires her main guns.

During Operation Siren, Helena doesn’t back down either. When facing those eerie humanoid Siren fleets or Boss fleets, she amps up your Vanguard’s damage by a neat percentage. She knows how to handle the supernatural.

2. Duke of York

Duke of York has a special move she pulls off every 40 seconds, targeting the enemy at the farthest reaches of the battlefield.


This barrage not only hits hard but also slows those enemies down by a whopping 40% for a good 6 seconds. The Duke of York knows how to make a grand entrance.

Her first salvo in every battle packs an extra 20% punch that makes sure the enemy feels her presence right from the start. After hitting an enemy with her main guns, they take 3% more damage for the next 8 seconds. She marks her target and signals to the rest of the fleet, Hit them while they’re down.

3. Minneapolis

When Minneapolis sends an enemy to the depths, she powers up. Her firepower gets a 5% (15%) boost, and her reload time takes a speedy 10% (30%) dive for 12 seconds.


However, it won’t activate more than once a second. When her HP takes a nosedive below 30%, she pulls out all the stops.

First, the damage she takes drops by 5% (10%) for the rest of the battle. Then, for 16 seconds, she becomes a bit of a turtle, slowing down by 2, but regaining 1% (4%) of her max HP every 3 seconds.

It’s a tactical retreat that allows her to recover and keep fighting. If Minneapolis hits rock bottom due to enemy fire, she becomes even more unbreakable.


Her damage taken decreases by 5% (10%) until the battle wraps up. Plus, that 16-second turtle mode kicks in again, slowing her down a bit but restoring her HP and giving a little love to the other Vanguard ships every 3 seconds. Also, every 12 (8) shots from her main gun trigger the All Out Assault, New Orleans Class I (II).

4. Ayanami

Ayanami brings a whole different level of tactical skills to the game. First off, when she fires her main guns, there’s a 5% chance she’ll crank up her hero stat by 30% for 12 seconds.

She can pull off this trick every 5 seconds. When she shoots her main guns, there’s a 5% chance she’ll jack up her Torpedo Reload Power (TRP) by 30% for 12 seconds.


During the action kicks off, Ayanami gets a massive 50% boost to her TRP for 8 seconds. That means her heroes become even deadlier right from the get-go.

And when that boost wears off, she becomes a bit of a tank, taking less damage until the battle wraps up. Every 20 seconds, Ayanami has a 40% chance to amp up her evasion by 30% for 5 seconds. Plus, she throws in a powerful barrage and some speedy heroes.

5. Unicorn

The unicorn’s special move is the Airstrike. Every time she launches an Airstrike, your entire Vanguard gets a health boost, 3.5% of their max HP to be precise.


Unicorn starts the battle with one Airstrike already loaded, so you don’t have to wait for the healing goodness. She’s always ready to patch up your team.

The first time Unicorn activates her healing Airstrike in a battle, it’s not just the Vanguard getting the love. Nope, your entire Main Fleet gets a 1% max HP boost, and the ship with the lowest health percentage in the Main Fleet gets an extra 1.2%.

Your ships are in the thick of it, taking hits left and right. That’s when Unicorn swoops in, dropping Airstrikes and healing like there’s no tomorrow.


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