Best Rush Royale Ivy Deck, Tips and Stats

This post provides some of the best Ivy decks In Rush Royale which Include, tips and stats. The Ivy card is incredibly powerful, and It throws seeds that cause damage over time, and this damage increases with each toxic flower on a monster.

If a monster dies, its flower explodes which can poison nearby monsters and deal damage based on the maximum number of harmful flowers on that monster.

However, Ivy can throw a maximum of 40 seeds. With that said, Let’s dive Into the best Ivy deck In Rush Royale which Includes their stats.


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Best Rush Royale Ivy Deck

1. Thunderer

Best Rush Royale Thunderer


Thunderer goes for the first target like a pro, and the more it merges, the more havoc it wreaks with chain lightning. The Thunderer’s attack speed is like your car’s speedometer.

The higher the merge rank, the faster it hits. A merge rank 3 Thunderer runs three times faster than its rank 1 counterpart. And when it comes to the Thunderer’s card level, its experience points.

The higher the level, the more damage it pulls out. At level 11, this unit packs 157 damage and 182 lightning damage. By level 13, it’s hitting with 194 damage and 226 lightning damage.


That’s the Thunderer leveling up and getting stronger with each card upgrade. Morale is the Thunderer’s confidence level. It starts at 1.0 and goes up to 3.4 at level 13. The higher the morale, the bolder the Thunderer becomes.

2. Crystalmencer

Best Rush Royale Crystalmencer

Crystalmancers are fantastic in Rush Royale but with crystals for resetting damage counters. The Crystalmancer is an epic unit that’s all about attacking the first target, and the more it shoots at the same target, the more damage it gives out.


Also, the longer it stays focused, the harder it hits. But, if it decides to switch targets, it hits the reset button on its damage battle.

The higher the Crystalmancer’s level, the more damage it deals and the higher its morale. At level 5, we’ve got a bit of a mystery in the damage department, you’ll have to see it to believe it.

But as it levels up, the numbers start making more sense. At level 10, it’s throwing out 74 damage like it’s nobody’s business, and its morale is a solid 7.0.


Then again, the higher the merge rank, the faster it attacks. A merge rank 3 hits three times faster than a merge rank 1. So, if speed is your game, level up the merge rank.

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3. Vampire



The Vampire’s card level determines its abilities. At level 5, it shel out damage that’s a mystery for now. But what we know is that it attacks every 8 seconds and brings in a morale boost of 2.0.

As you level up your Vampire card, It becomes more stronger. At level 10, it’s dealing 52 damage, biting every 7.5 seconds, and boosting morale by 4.0.

Just know that higher levels mean more bite and quicker mana. Unlike other units, the Vampire’s merge rank boosts up its attack speed.


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4. Frost

Best Rush Royale Frost

Far apart from traditional damage units, Frost’s merge rank doesn’t merely boost attack speed, it intensifies the slowing effect, growing more powerful as you level up and merge.


Similar to Cold Mage, Frost idolizes stacking effects, reaching a maximum of three times before the slow progression ends. The formula for this effect is a simple one: Mana Power-up + Base Stat * (merge rank – 1).

To simplify the math, consider the example of a Mana Power-up 5, Level 13, and merge rank 7 Frost, resulting in a 60% total slow.

But Frost’s real power impresses when stacking, as demonstrated by the example’s 94.6% maximum slow when applying the effect three times. Examining Frost’s card levels from 7 to 13 reveals a gradual increase in damage, slow on the target, and morale drop.


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