Best Hack-And-Slash Games (PC)

Some of our favorite games are cherished for their compelling narratives. Some of our favorite games are social. Some of our favorite games are those that demand originality from us.

Defining the hack & slash genre is as challenging as it is to single out the finest games. It’s a complex undertaking that calls for deep thought, and good luck that your interpretation coincides with the consensus.

The finest hack & slash games can be identified by one simple fact: they feature swords and other pointed tools for killing enemies.


The player is placed smack dab in the thick of the action and must use various weapons to “hack and slash” their way to victory. These games are often quite action-packed and feature a plethora of foes and guns to choose from.

There is no agreed-upon definition of hack-and-slash games, although, in general, they are played from a third-person perspective and include the use of weapons (either physical or ranged) to fight large numbers of foes.

There will surely be a Hack & Slash game that appeals to you for some reason. Here are the finest Hack & Slash games on Steam, perfect for when you need a break from an intricate J-RPG or want to put your demon-hunting abilities to the test.


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Best Hack And Slash Games (PC) Available

The following list of games best exemplifies the spirit of the genre as a whole. Though they may be vastly different in many respects, once you pick them up and start playing them, you’ll get a sense of what makes a fantastic hack & slash game.


1. Bad West

Best west

Most people would agree that the Wild West was home to many dangerous creatures and individuals even at its peak. However, Evil West presents a fantasy take on the period.

Vampires populate this alternate United States. You are a cowboy and the last of your type to have been educated in the art of slaying vampires at a school.


You’ll be saddled up and sent into the wilds of the USA to halt the proliferation of vampires. You can utilize conventional and outlandish means of attack and even recruit an ally for assistance.

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2. Undecimber 34



Since Undecember may be played without spending money, it could be fun to give it a shot. The game’s idea is about twelve gods who created the Earth and its inhabitants out of nothing.

Humans worshiped these deities for a long time, so the land was at peace. Serpens, the twelfth deity, appeared out of nowhere. The only way to halt the anarchy this evil was causing was for all the gods to vanish once more into nothingness.

A few decades later, they tried again, but this time they awakened the demonic Serpens and the twelve gods. The world has once again descended into anarchy, and it is here that your quest will begin.


Since it’s free to try, you have nothing to lose, but if you’re not willing to put in the time to complete the campaign at a slow pace, you can encounter some pay-to-win attitudes.

3. Dead Cells


The prisoner in Dead Cells is battling an antagonist on a river bridge. Dead Cells diverges from Devil May Cry in terms of gameplay and aesthetics.


You may expect a mild roguelike adventure in Dead Cells. In case you haven’t seen games of this type before, after you die, you have to restart your ‘run’ from the beginning.

Your ultimate objective is to free yourself from the castle by eliminating your enemies. Dead Cell is a masterful mashup of hack-and-slash, rogue-lite, and Metroidvania gameplay styles.

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4. Warmastered Edition of Darksiders


Darksiders is a throwback to classic action-adventure games like Zelda, making it one of the greatest hack-and-slash games on current-gen platforms.

Straightforward gameplay, puzzle-solving, boss encounters, and a plethora of combination techniques are some aspects that have long distinguished the genre. Darksiders is a game that pays homage to the classics of the genre.


Kratos meets the Cyclops from God of War 3 Remastered, which features Kratos at age 81.

Sony’s God of War entered a new era with the PS4, but the new system did retain one element from the series’ tried-and-true formula.

Even if it doesn’t alter enough to merit a second playthrough, God of War 3 Remastered is the best way to enjoy this PS3 masterpiece.


GOW 3 stands on its own as a nonstop slaughterhouse interrupted by the odd riddle. This is not the first installment in the series, and it is also not the last.

5. Hades


Hades is a hack-and-slash role-playing game with elements of a roguelike. It has a top-notch plot, artwork, music, and gameplay, making it one of the most highly-rated games on the Steam platform.


In the game, you hack and slash your way through the underworld while challenging Hades, the god of the dead.

The game takes many ideas and elements straight out of Greek mythology. My interest in the past and mythology makes this game irresistible to me.

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6. Bloodrayne


Despite the game’s hyper-sexualized heroine, Bloodrayne was a “must-play” on the Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox.

The gory action-adventure fun Terminal Reality may be a technological disaster now, but it inspired a (bad) movie, many sequels, a comic series, and many vile imaginations. That’s a testament to Bloodrayne’s enduring popularity.


You play as the titular vampire and find yourself in the 1930s, amid the advent of the Nazi party. Bloodrayne rips through the Germans with her distinctive swords and a thirst for blood.

Bloodrayne is one of the finest vampire games, and it also happens to be gory, crazy, and over-the-top in all the right ways.

7. Star Wars: Episode II – The Force Awakens



Fast-paced lightsaber fighting returns in The Force Unleashed II with a more polished gaming experience than its prequel. Players begin six months after the events of The Force Unleashed.

As the rogue clone Starkiller and indulge in a game that is all about the fanservice. Han Solo and Chewbacca are just two familiar faces who pop up in this reimagining of the Star Wars film series.

The genuine excitement comes from eliminating Stormtroopers and becoming an expert user of Force abilities like Force Lightning and Force Push.


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8. Dante’s Inferno

Dante's Inferno

Dante, a wounded and morally corrupt Templar knight, is sent to Hell after being stabbed in the back, and you must guide him through the nine circles of torment.


Dante’s voyage through Hell is terrifying, but it’s quite a show for those who accompany him. The Templar, armed with the scythe of Death, fights chaotic swarms of monsters that are just as entertaining to look at as they are to maim.

Dante encounters several mythological figures and locations as he descends into Hell, including Lust, Cerberus, the River Styx, Cleopatra, and many more.

Dante’s Inferno has some of the most gruesome monsters and bosses ever seen in a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or PlayStation Portable game.


Since Visceral Games went out of business, there will never be a sequel to this horrible epic hack-and-slash game.

9. Diablo III

Diablo III

The Diablo 3 player casts purple magic toward luminous animal opponents.


Unfortunately, you can’t buy Diablo 3 on Steam. You can get it on, which is owned and operated by Blizzard.

The moniker Diablo is also well-known in the gaming community, with some even going so far as to call Diablo 2 the finest game ever made. Diablo 3 follows the events of the second game in the series by 20 years.

There are seven playable classes, each with various possible builds and strategies. Once you’ve finished Rifts, the actual cutting and slicing may commence.


These are maze-like structures where clearing out as many foes as possible would result in the emergence of a formidable guardian.

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Many game genres outside of the classic hack-and-slash style have emerged as a direct result of the popularity of these games. This subgenre’s paradigm shift has resulted in many innovative works widely lauded by critics and audiences.


We know it may not be easy to narrow down your options when faced with the sheer volume of available hack-and-slash games on PC, so we hope our list helps you out.

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