Best Characters In Slay The Spire

Slay the Spire is one of the finest roguelike games currently available. Due to the intricate nature of the interactions, every playthrough is like a new adventure.

Despite this, it is easy to pick up and use. Despite a massive ability disparity between newcomers and veterans, everyone can have a great time with this game.

The difficulty may be adjusted to fit your skill level, and there are constantly new strategies to experiment with.


In Slay the Spire, most of the game’s enjoyment comes from developing your strategies. Have fun, kids! Your play style and preferred methods for winning Slay the Spire will determine which character is the most excellent fit for you.

However, the advantages of one class over another become more apparent with further practice. Read on to know about Slay the Spire classes from worst to most significant.

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About The Game

Slay the Spire is the finest roguelike game currently available. Due to the intricate nature of the interactions, every playthrough is like a new adventure.

Despite this, it is easy to pick up and use. Despite a massive ability disparity between newcomers and veterans, everyone can have a great time with this game.


The difficulty may be adjusted to fit your skill level, and there are constantly new strategies to experiment with. The protagonist you select is one of the many things that make each playthrough different.

Each of the four playable characters in Slay the Spire has its cards and special items called Relics. Depending on who you choose, you’ll have to employ quite different strategies in the Spire.

Each playthrough of the roguelike deck-building game “Slay the Spire” can be vastly different from the last, making it both simple to pick up and challenging to master. It’s easy to trace the inspiration for “Slay the Spire” back to Dominion and other deck-building board games.


Each of the four playable characters begins the game with a standard deck of attack, defense, and utility cards from which players must add and subtract as they fight through the Spire and ultimately face off against the game’s final monster.

Upon killing an opponent, the player receives a prize: a new card to add to their deck, potions they can only use once, coins to spend in the shop, or even relics that offer strong passive powers that last throughout the game.

Some passive abilities include increasing the player’s energy pool, making elite bosses easier to beat, and more.


Best characters In Slay the Spire

The following are the best characters in Slay the Spire:

1. The Ironclad

The Ironclad

The Ironclad is the only surviving member of a tribe of which he is legendary as a deadly warrior. After being resurrected by Neow, he must now face his adversaries within the Spire.


A golden mask covers his face, and he has some basic body armor. A pair of bright crimson breeches are tucked into the soles of his otherwise dull boots.

He has the highest initial maximum health of any character at 80. Five Strikes, four Defends, and a Bash make up his first hand. His whole deck has a red border, but he can utilize colorless cards if he finds any throughout his run.

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2. The Watcher


The Watcher’s arrival in early January 2020, with her unique abilities to Scry and transition between positions, was a stroke of genius by MegaCrit, elevating an already excellent game to new heights.

Perhaps this was a factor in ranking her so highly, but she’s just that excellent at Slay the Spire. If you want to get far as the Watcher, you must know your opponent, as a ninja knows his target. This is why it helps to have played like her before.


In anticipation of an impending attack, Calm and fortify your Block. When your opponent or opponents stop attacking, things get exciting.

Here is where you may choose the Wrath posture, which will increase your attack power by 100% and give you back some of your EnergyEnergy.

3. The Keeper

The Watcher’s deck opens up several fascinating features, but the Stances she may adopt are where the real action is.


Her streamlined appearance is quite classy. She has long, lean legs and wears a purple cloak with a trailing ribbon. Her eyelids are closed softly, and a scarlet mask conceals her lower face.

Her bun is secured with a gorgeous gold hair stick. A long, golden bar rests in her hands.

Her maximum health at the beginning of the game is the second lowest. Her first hand has four Attacks, four Defenses, one Eruption, and one Vigilance card. Her playing cards have a purple border.


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4. The Defect

The Defect

The Defect is a gender-neutral robot that somehow developed consciousness. It looks like some of the creatures you’ll see on your runs, and it was made using the Spire.


However, it is now intent on bringing down the Spire. Named “Defect” since it can no longer protect the Spire, this may explain why it was damaged in the first place.

The Defect visually engages in certain uncanny valley tricks. It has an almost humanoid form, although its proportions are slightly wrong. The rocky limbs protrude clumsily from the sphere that serves as its midsection.

The cracks in this blue globe are apparent and may be the root of the problem. An enormous blue circle rests at the bottom of its flat, stone face, while a smaller one sits above it.


5. The Poison

The cumulative effects of Poison are intriguing. If you poison an opponent, they will incur X damage after each turn, where X is the number of Poisons the opponent currently possesses. It would help if you were serious about taking the Poison path.

You can safely ignore Attack cards if you’re playing Poison. Instead, collect Power cards that deliver more Poison damage or other beneficial benefits.

It would help if you stocked up enough Skill cards to provide Block reliably. However, the Intangible from Wraith Form may offer an alternate answer.


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6. The Shiv

Shivs initially deal just four damage and exhaust the user, making them appear weak weapons. However, The Silent has access to various cards that may significantly enhance their effectiveness, and damage can add up quickly.

If you go for a Shiv setup, also stock up on draw-boosting cards. Since playing Shivs costs nothing, gaining more EnergyEnergy is less crucial.


Since you’ll be playing numerous cards each turn, you should prioritize acquiring cards and Relics that enhance the effect of doing so.

7. The Silent

The silent

The Silent is designed to depict a Rogue in role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. She’s a crafty huntress who prefers a more measured approach to damage than The Ironclad’s all-out assaults.


After one run with The Ironclad, you can unlock her, win or lose. She has an attractive appearance that fits the fantastical tone she exudes. A horned skull mask hides her face, but her beautiful silver hair peeks below the helmet.

Only one of her hands is visible through the emerald green cloak openings covering the rest of her body. She has a knife with a wavelike blade in her hand.

Although her Max HP of 70 is the lowest of the playable characters, she frequently possesses cards that increase her Dexterity.


8. Exhaust

His collection features a plethora of Exhaust cards. This might be a drawback if you take a few of them because you won’t get the full benefit of having a full deck, but things change dramatically if you design your deck to use this.

It would help if you prioritized packing your Exhaust deck with Power cards that use the mechanic well. They can improve your draw rate, damage output, or block rate.

However, it would help if you didn’t put all your faith in Powers, as foes like the Awakened One are specifically created to oppose such abilities.


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There is no optimal strategy because each player’s Slay the Spire character is different. It would help if you tried several combinations to see what works best with your sense of style.

This guide to the characters of Slay the Spire should have helped you feel more at ease with them. Now you may pick any of them with the knowledge of which deck tactics to test.


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