Banges Scenic Points In Tower Of Fantasy

banges scenic points

You will gain access to Banges which is the second region of Asperia. Banges has six Scenic Points and it can only be started after completing Chapter 1 of Tower of Fantasy’s main storyline. Banges has the highest Scenic Point in the Tower of Fantasy.

The Island of Astra has five viewpoints while others have about 4 Scenic Points. Don’t be dismayed because Banges has the highest Scenic Point, the location of these vistas can be easily located. Some are situated on the walkways; placed after one another.

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Finding the six Scenic Points in Banges wouldn’t take wanderers a few minutes and they will locate them.

Where To Find Every Banges Scenic Point In Tower Of Fantasy

Shelter, The Maen, Banges Farm, Banges Docks, Banges Tech, and Signal Station Ruins are what make up the six Scenic Points of Banges. From the map above, if you view these locations, they form a curve line in the same walkway. The Scenic Points start from the Signal Station Ruins to HT201 Shelter.

Banges Scenic Point Map Location In Tower Of Fantasy

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Scenic Point

Nearest Fast Travel Point

Location Details


Spacerift: Banges Shelter

Move to the north into the HT201 Shelters compound if you’re coming from the Spacerift.

There are two stair walls on the right, reach them and use the jetpack to teleport to the mountaintop.

Once there, you will see the Scenic Point near the edge next to a cluster of Crystals.

The Maen

Spacerift: Banges Shelter

At HT201 Shelter, the Maen vista is nearer to it.

While at the Shelter Scenic Point ridge, look northward and follow the mud road to get to a large patch of green grass.

When you have reached the northernmost part of the green grass patch, you will see the next viewpoint.

Banges Farm

Spacerift: Banges Farm

Once you have been transmitted, look at the south area to see a crumbled bridge.

Climb the damaged highway and travel to the western tip to see another Scenic Point.

Banges Docks

Spacerift: Banges Docks

While at Banges Farm vista, look below to see the remains of an elevated highway.

With your jetpack, glide down the elevated highway and travel to the northern end. At this location is another Banges Scenic Point.

Banges Tech

Spacerift: Banges Docks

While at the Docks, travelers will have to move to the main road to look for a wooden scaffolding that rises to a cliff wall. The wooden scaffold is located opposite the pathway.

Ensure to use your jetpack to fly up the cliff to see another Banges Scenic Point.

Signal Station Ruins

Omnium Tower: Banges

You will need to glide down toward the Banges Industrial Zone in the south when you have reached the tower’s spire.

You see a couple of enemies stationed nearby a ledge. They’re to protect the Signal Station Ruins.

You will probably get in combat with these foes. Deal with them and inspect the ledge to see another Banges Scenic Point.

Final Thoughts

These are the six Scenic Points of Banges in Tower of Fantasy. Ensure to follow the guides as detailed here to locate all of them.

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