Baby Bobby’s Daycare Script

baby bobbys daycare script

Are you ready for an adventure with Baby Bobby’s Daycare? This is no ordinary daycare; it is guarded by a GIANT BABY and has some of the most advanced security technology to ensure you don’t escape! Take on the challenge and make your way through jumps, chases, liquid hot “MAGMA”, and battle Baby Bobby in an epic boss battle.

About Baby Bobby’s Daycare

Baby Bobby’s daycare has been a massive success! Players have given it overwhelmingly positive reviews due to its exceptional quality. With an incredible 734,039 likes and 331.3 million visitors, it’s evident that this daycare is a hit!

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Baby Bobby’s Daycare is the ultimate adventure game for kids and adults! You’ll have to solve puzzles, dodge obstacles and defeat Baby Bobby in an epic boss battle.

The advanced security technology is sure to keep you safe and make sure you don’t escape, so don’t worry about your safety. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with Baby Bobby’s Daycare!

Baby Bobby’s Daycare Script provides impressive features that are user-friendly for everyone. With its interactive and creative activities, your child can have hours of fun and educational entertainment. Find working scripts that will enhance your gameplay below.

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Baby Bobby’s Daycare Script

Script 1 – Auto Win

Script 2

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