AUT (A Universal Time) Trello And Wiki

The game, [A Universal Time] AUT is a Roblox game published by Universal Time Studio. The idea of the anime/manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure inspired the creation of AUT.

In A Universal Time, the game has a wide collection of stands with overwhelming powers that each player can strike at an enemy foe while in the battle and inflict severe damage to units, and can also eliminate the foes from the battle zone.

AUT has well-developed graphics, and its map is top-notch as you can enjoy a neat view of the universe, and the gameplay environment is as well-developed with an astonishing touch.


[A Universal Time] AUT Trello & Wiki

We have seen most Roblox games that have an official Trello developed by the developers of the particular game which brings the gameplay plan to its players and helps them understand the game’s basics and every other information they may need to know about the game.

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[A Universal Time] AUT Trello & Wiki: Intro

The [A Universal Time] AUT Trello & Wiki has everything you need about universal ability, Requiem, U-Coins and maps, stands, NPCs, economy, farming, universal abilities, bosses, and many more are available here.


[A Universal Time] AUT Trello & Wiki Link

[A Universal Time] AUT Trello & Wiki: Universal Ability Guide

Universal Abilities are the kinds of abilities you can unleash on a foe that is quite different from the one you unleash with a stand. It is possible to unleash a universal ability without a stand. This is possible because the universal ability is inherent in the character and inspired by the anime in which the game is created.

[A Universal Time] AUT Trello & Wiki: U-Coins

This is an in-game main currency. The U-Coin can be used by players to buy items or complete some requests. You earn U-Coin when you defeat a boss, eliminate other players, open chests, etc.

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Devil’s Palm – A Universal Time Trello

If you get into a Palm, your health will reduce with time.

Sand Debris – A Universal Time Trello

The sand debris or sand pile spawn most times and you should excavate the dump to loot them. Though, some sand dumps come with nothing while others have some loot in them. You can find the Sand Debris spawn at the Beach every 2 minutes and will disappear within seconds of its appearance. So, you should rush to loot them once they spawn.

  • Failure Chances – X84%
  • Left Arm of the Saint’s Corpse – X8%
  • Heart Of The Saint’s Corpse – X4%
  • Eye of the Saint’s Corpse – X2%
  • Sans Bone – X2%

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