Ark Color ID List (Full Guide)

The ARK Color ID is a powerful tool for identifying species and other entities in ARK Survival Evolved. This innovative tool helps players in the game identify different items, creatures, and resources by their color, making it easier to identify and collect what they need.

Overall, Ark Color IDs allow players to customize their items’ appearance and express themselves and stand out from the crowd. With the wide range of colors and shades available, players can create unique designs and make their items their own.

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In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of the ARK Color ID and how it can help players in their game experience. We will also provide tips and tricks on making the most out of the ARK Color ID and using it to its fullest potential. Find below a full list of the available ark color ids.

Full Lst Of Ark Color Ids

1 Color ID: 1 Red Hex Code: #ff0000
2 Color ID: 2 Blue Hex Code: #0000ff
3 Color ID: 3 Green Hex Code: #00ff00
4 Color ID: 4 Yellow Hex Code: #ffff00
5 Color ID: 5 Cyan Hex Code: #00ffff
6 Color ID: 6 Magenta Hex Code: #ff00ff
7 Color ID: 7 Light Green Hex Code: #c0ffba
8 Color ID: 8 Light Grey Hex Code: #c8caca
9 Color ID: 9 Light Brown Hex Code: #786759
10 Color ID: 10 Light Orange Hex Code: #ffb46c
11 Color ID: 11 Light Yellow Hex Code: #fffa8a
12 Color ID: 12 Light Red Hex Code: #ff756c
13 Color ID: 13 Dark Grey Hex Code: #7b7b7b
14 Color ID: 14 Black Hex Code: #3b3b3b
15 Color ID: 15 Brown Hex Code: #593a2a
16 Color ID: 16 Dark Green Hex Code: #224900
17 Color ID: 17 Dark Red Hex Code: #812118
18 Color ID: 18 White Hex Code: #ffffff
19 Color ID: 19 Dino Light Red Hex Code: #ffa8a8
20 Color ID: 20 Dino Dark Red Hex Code: #592b2b
21 Color ID: 21 Dino Light Orange Hex Code: #ffb694
22 Color ID: 22 Dino Dark Orange Hex Code: #88532f
23 Color ID: 23 Dino Light Yellow Hex Code: #cacaa0
24 Color ID: 24 Dino Dark Yellow Hex Code: #94946c
25 Color ID: 25 Dino Light Green Hex Code: #e0ffe0
26 Color ID: 26 Dino Medium Green Hex Code: #799479
27 Color ID: 27 Dino Dark Green Hex Code: #224122
28 Color ID: 28 Dino Light Blue Hex Code: #d9e0ff
29 Color ID: 29 Dino Dark Blue Hex Code: #394263
30 Color ID: 30 Dino Light Purple Hex Code: #e4d9ff
31 Color ID: 31 Dino Dark Purple Hex Code: #403459
32 Color ID: 32 Dino Light Brown Hex Code: #ffe0ba
33 Color ID: 33 Dino Medium Brown Hex Code: #948575
34 Color ID: 34 Dino Dark Brown Hex Code: #594e41
35 Color ID: 35 Dino Darker Grey Hex Code: #595959
36 Color ID: 36 Dino Albino Hex Code: #ffffff
37 Color ID: 37 BigFoot0 Hex Code: #b79683
38 Color ID: 38 BigFoot4 Hex Code: #eadad5
39 Color ID: 39 BigFoot5 Hex Code: #d0a794
40 Color ID: 40 WolfFur Hex Code: #c3b39f
41 Color ID: 41 DarkWolfFur Hex Code: #887666
42 Color ID: 42 DragonBase0 Hex Code: #a0664b
43 Color ID: 43 DragonBase1 Hex Code: #cb7956
44 Color ID: 44 DragonFire Hex Code: #bc4f00
45 Color ID: 45 DragonGreen0 Hex Code: #79846c
46 Color ID: 46 DragonGreen1 Hex Code: #909c79
47 Color ID: 47 DragonGreen2 Hex Code: #a5a48b
48 Color ID: 48 DragonGreen3 Hex Code: #2D4B56
49 Color ID: 49 WyvernPurple0 Hex Code: #302C4F
50 Color ID: 50 WyvernPurple1 Hex Code: #705E88
51 Color ID: 51 WyvernBlue0 Hex Code: #1F3964
52 Color ID: 52 WyvernBlue1 Hex Code: #101B2D
53 Color ID: 53 Dino Medium Blue Hex Code: #1D60D2
54 Color ID: 54 Dino Deep Blue Hex Code: #0E23A9
55 Color ID: 55 NearWhite Hex Code: #D8D8D8
56 Color ID: 56 NearBlack Hex Code: #141414
57 Color ID: 57 DarkTurquoise Hex Code: #184546
58 Color ID: 58 MediumTurquoise Hex Code: #007060
59 Color ID: 59 Turquoise Hex Code: #00c5ab
60 Color ID: 60 GreenSlate Hex Code: #40594c
61 Color ID: 61 Sage Hex Code: #3e4f40
62 Color ID: 62 DarkWarmGray Hex Code: #3b3938
63 Color ID: 63 MediumWarmGray Hex Code: #585554
64 Color ID: 64 LightWarmGray Hex Code: #9b9290
65 Color ID: 65 DarkCement Hex Code: #525b56
66 Color ID: 66 LightCement Hex Code: #8aa196
67 Color ID: 67 LightPink Hex Code: #e8b0ff
68 Color ID: 68 DeepPink Hex Code: #ff119a
69 Color ID: 69 DarkViolet Hex Code: #730046
70 Color ID: 70 DarkMagenta Hex Code: #b70042
71 Color ID: 71 BurntSienna Hex Code: #7e331e
72 Color ID: 72 MediumAutumn Hex Code: #a93000
73 Color ID: 73 Vermillion Hex Code: #ef3100
74 Color ID: 74 Coral Hex Code: #ff5834
75 Color ID: 75 Orange Hex Code: #ff7f00
76 Color ID: 76 Peach Hex Code: #ffa73a
77 Color ID: 77 LightAutumn Hex Code: #ae7000
78 Color ID: 78 Mustard Hex Code: #949427
79 Color ID: 79 ActualBlack Hex Code: #171717
80 Color ID: 80 MidnightBlue Hex Code: #191d36
81 Color ID: 81 DarkBlue Hex Code: #152b3a
82 Color ID: 82 BlackSands Hex Code: #302531
83 Color ID: 83 LemonLime Hex Code: #a8ff44
84 Color ID: 84 Mint  Hex Code: #38e985
85 Color ID: 85 Jade Hex Code: #008840
86 Color ID: 86 PineGreen Hex Code: #0f552e
87 Color ID: 87 SpruceGreen Hex Code: #005b45
88 Color ID: 88 LeafGreen Hex Code: #5b9725
89 Color ID: 89 DarkLavender Hex Code: #5e275f
90 Color ID: 90 MediumLavender Hex Code: #853587
91 Color ID: 91 Lavender Hex Code: #bd77be
92 Color ID: 92 DarkTeal Hex Code: #0e404a
93 Color ID: 93 MediumTeal Hex Code: #105563
94 Color ID: 94 Teal Hex Hex Code: #14849c
95 Color ID: 95 PowderBlue Hex Code: #82a7ff
96 Color ID: 96 Glacial Hex Code: #aceaff
97 Color ID: 97 Cammo Hex Code: #505118
98 Color ID: 98 DryMoss Hex Code: #766e3f
99 Color ID: 99 Custard Hex Code: #c0bd5e
100 Color ID: 100 Cream Hex Code: #f4ffc0

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Ark Color Id List – Dye Ids

201 Color ID: 201 Black Dye Hex Code: #1f1f1f
202 Color ID: 202 Blue Dye Hex Code: #0000ff
203 Color ID: 203 Brown Dye Hex Code: #756147
204 Color ID: 204 Cyan Dye Hex Code: #00ffff
205 Color ID: 205 Forest Dye Hex Code: #006c00
206 Color ID: 206 Green Dye Hex Code: #00ff00
207 Color ID: 207 Purple Dye Hex Code: #6c00ba
208 Color ID: 208 Orange Dye Hex Code: #ff8800
209 Color ID: 209 Parchment Dye Hex Code: #ffffba
210 Color ID: 210 Pink Dye Hex Code: #ff7be1
211 Color ID: 211 Uncraftable Purple Hex Code: #7b00e0
212 Color ID: 212 Red Dye Hex Code: #ff0000
213 Color ID: 213 Royalty Dye Hex Code: #7b00a8
214 Color ID: 214 Silver Dye Hex Code: #e0e0e0
215 Color ID: 215 Sky Dye Hex Code: #bad4ff
216 Color ID: 216 Tan Dye Hex Code: #ffed82
217 Color ID: 217 Tangerine Dye Hex Code: #ad652c
218 Color ID: 218 White Dye Hex Code: #fefefe
219 Color ID: 219 Yellow Dye Hex Code: #ffff00
220 Color ID: 220 Magenta Dye Hex Code: #e71fd9
221 Color ID: 221 Brick Dye Hex Code: #94341f
222 Color ID: 222 Cantaloupe Dye Hex Code: #ff9a00
223 Color ID: 223 Mud Dye Hex Code: #473b2b
224 Color ID: 224 Navy Dye Hex Code: #34346c
225 Color ID: 225 Olive Dye Hex Code: #baba59
226 Color ID: 226 Slate Dye Hex Code: #595959

Ark Color Ids Overview

Ark Color IDs are an important tool for players of the popular game Ark: Survival Evolved. These numerical values are used to customize the look of items in the game, giving players a chance to express their creativity and make their items stand out.

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Ark Color IDs are composed of four numerical values ranging from 0-255, representing the RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) color model. This allows a wide range of colors and shades to be created, so players can make their items unique and match their tribe’s colors.

The great thing about Ark Color IDs is that they are unique to each item so that players can create custom color combinations.

This allows for many customization possibilities, from subtle shades to bright and bold colors. Players can also use Ark Color IDs to distinguish their items from others, which can be useful in a crowded server.

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