Arcane Odyssey Water Magic Guide

Arcane Odyssey is an adventure game set in a vast and magical world. The game features a variety of magical powers and abilities, as well as a dynamic combat system that allows players to engage in thrilling battles with enemies.

However, if you need a high chance of defeating enemies in combat while playing the Arcane Odyssey, mastering Water Magic is crucial.

As we proceed in this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about one of the Arcane Odyssey’s powerful tools, “Water Magic.”

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Arcane Odyssey ~ Water Magic

In Arcane Odyssey, Water Magic is a powerful force that ranks as an average level of damage. It has a potent ability called SOAKED, which drenches targets and makes them susceptible to Water-based magic.

The soaked targets also create water puddles that can be manipulated by other types of magic. Lightning magic can electrify these water puddles, increasing damage and duration and producing an electric noise. Water Magic works well with Ice and Snow Magic, forming a potent combination, while Lightning Magic complements it, resulting in an electrifying mix.

Water Magic ~ Clash Advantage

  • 5x clash against Fire Magic and Lightning Magic
  • 2x advantage against Magma Magic and Plasma Magic
  • 1x advantage against Ash Magic and Sand Magic.

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Water Magic ~ Clash Disadvantage

  • 5x clash disadvantage against Wood Magic and Ice Magic
  • 9x clash disadvantage against Snow Magic
  • 7x clash disadvantage against Explosion Magic and Glass Magic
  • 25x clash disadvantage against Earth Magic


Water Magic is one of the 20 starter Base Magics in the game and inflicts the Soaked status effect. It has various interactions with other magics and deals significant impact damage while leaving water puddles for other magics to interact with.

Water Magic synergizes well with Ice and Snow, making enemies vulnerable to the Frozen status effect. It also works well with Lightning but not with Sand, Acid, Wind, Fire, Plasma, or Explosion.

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