Arcane Odyssey Stat Builds Tier List

In this post, I will share with you some of the best stat builds In the Arcane Odyssey game. In Arcane Odyssey, you have four main stat builds: Vitality, Magic, Strength, and Weapons.

Your character’s abilities depend on how you spread your skill points among these stats. Every time you level up, you get 2 skill points to use on your chosen stats.

And there are a total of 11 different character builds that you can create by combining specific stats. For example, incorporating Magic and Weapons gives you the Conjurer build. However, each build comes with its strengths and weaknesses that affect how you play the game.


Let’s dive more Into It.

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Overview of Stat Builds

Boosting your Vitality improves your overall health, but it comes with a slight reduction in your damage output. The upside is that having a high Vitality level helps you to use spirit weapons.


For each point you invest in Vitality, you gain 4 extra points in maximum health. However, unlike other stats, you won’t see a boost in your maximum energy.

If your character build includes Vitality as a requirement, your damage takes a hit equal to half the percentage invested in Vitality (e.g., 40% Vitality results in a 20% damage reduction).

Also, the full Vitality build (Warden) is currently disabled which prevents you from putting points into Vitality if it would push you over 60% Vitality.


Plus, Increasing your Magic stat enhances your magical knowledge, unlocking access to more potent spells and the ability to master multiple magic types.

Each spell requires a certain amount of Magic Skill points for use and customization. In some other stats, your Magic Stat doesn’t affect the damage dealt by your magic.

Moving on to Strength, leveling up this stat improves your athleticism, granting you access to more powerful attacks and the ability to master various fighting styles.


Like magic, each fighting style requires a certain amount of Strength Skill points for use and customization. Similar to the Magic Stat, your Strength Stat doesn’t impact the damage dealt by your fighting styles.

Then again, Increasing your Weapons stat boosts your proficiency with weapons, opening stronger weapon abilities and the mastery of high-level weapons.

Each weapon skill requires a certain amount of weapon skill Points for use. Just like Magic and Strength, your weapon stat doesn’t affect the damage dealt by your weapon attacks.


What are the BEST Builds in Arcane Odyssey?

Best Stat Builds In Arcane Odyssey

1. Mage

A Mage in Arcane Odyssey is focused on using magic for their abilities. To be a Mage, you should put more than 60% of your stat points into the Magic stat.

Once you become a Mage, you can’t invest points in Strength or Weapons, and you forget about Fighting Styles. When you first become a Mage, you get a second magic ability of your choice, but it requires more skill points, and you also gain passive Energy regeneration.


If you awaken as a Mage a second time, you’d normally get a third magic ability, but right now, the level cap is 125, so that’s not possible.

Mages have a flexible playstyle which allows them to match different magic stuff. For example, you can combine magics like Snow and Ice or use separate elements like Lightning and Poison.

Since Mages can’t use fighting styles or weapons effectively, their main source of damage comes from spells which makes them better at a distance than up close.


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2. Berserker

The Berserker build focuses on giving 60% or more stat points into Strength and is centered around various Fighting Styles.

Upon Awakening as a Berserker, investing points in Magic or Weapons is no longer possible, and all magical abilities are forgotten.


In the first Awakening, a second Fighting Style slot is granted. Skills for the second slot require an additional 90 Strengths compared to the first slot.

The second Awakening adds a third Fighting Style slot, but information on this Berserker Awakening is currently unavailable as it has not been released.

In terms of strategy, prioritize improving dodging skills, especially against Mages. Engage opponents in close-to-medium range and customize Focus for specific effects.


Resistance temporarily boosts Max HP, particularly effective when combined with Iron Leg. Destruction temporarily improves the size and destruction of techniques, with the size increase varying based on the Fighting Style used.

Power temporarily boosts damage output, though it remains unclear which Fighting Styles benefit most from this. Speed temporarily increases player and attack speed, with the impact of Fighting Styles on this Focus type still unknown.

Boxing, however, seems to have a quick startup with a Speed Focus. Tips and techniques include the fact that skills between Fighting Styles do not share similarities which allows for consecutive skill usage.


Acquiring Axe-Slash is recommended for easier boss fights and as a ranged tool in PvP. Selino is effective for chasing players, especially when set for three hits.

Uppercut should be strategically used while considering positioning for full functionality. Combining Fighting Styles that complement each other, such as Sailor Style and Knocking Fist, is advised.

Thermo Fist with Power Focus is recommended for boss farming, while Cannon Fist is useful for ranged attacks against bosses.


Recommended Fighting Styles for Berserker include Basic Combat (versatile but Sailor Fist is preferable for higher damage).

Sailor Fist (an improved version of Basic Combat with added resource management), Iron Leg (a solid choice that is somewhat slow but synergizes with Resistance Focus).

Thermo Fist (requires managing heat but offers fast attacks and good aerial skills), Cannon Fist (a secondary style for boss fights due to its decent ranged option), and Boxing (ideal as a second style with instant dodge reflex but not recommended as the main style).


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4. Warrior

Warrior is concentrated on supporting at least 60% of your points into Weapons. Awakening is a significant stage for Warriors.

During this phase, you can’t put points into Magic and Strength, and you forget about Fighting Styles and Magic altogether.


In the first stage of Awakening, there’s something called Warrior’s Aura. This enhances the damage, size, and speed of your weapon attacks.

Plus, there are visual effects added to your attacks, featuring the hidden colors of each weapon. As for the second stage of Awakening, we don’t have information on that yet.

The warriors play the game with their strength which comes from the variety of weapons they have. The best Warriors always have the best weapon for any situation.


They’re good at countering other character builds, as long as you can figure out the opponent’s playstyle and choose your tools wisely.  This makes Warriors excellent for activities like Bounty Hunting and chasing down other players.

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