Arcane Odyssey Metal Magic Guide

The Adventure game Arcane Odyssey takes place in a vast magical universe. The game includes a variety of magical skills and powers. However, learning Metal Magic is essential if you are looking for a magic type that is both powerful and versatile.

Metal Magic is a type of magic that allows you to control and manipulate metal. For players who wish to inflict a lot of damage, Metal Magic is a fantastic option. Additionally, those who wish to take command of the battlefield by fortifying themselves with shields and armor and thwarting enemy attacks should also consider this magic as an option.

You will learn everything you need to know about “Metal Magic,” as we move forward in this guide.


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Arcane Odyssey ~ Metal Magic

Metal Magic is a powerful but slow magic in Arcane Odyssey that causes passive bleeding to its target and excels at clashing. It can also take advantage of the clash advantages of some other magics.

This magic synergizes well with freezing, acid, magma, sand, wood, earth, Ice, and Snow magics, due to its high damage against frozen targets. Additionally, Glass Magic may be faster, but it is weaker than Metal Magic, and it does not have any positive or negative status effects.


Metal Magic ~ Clash Advantage

  • Against Wind Magic, Metal Magic has a 1.8x clash advantage
  • Against Glass Magic, Metal Magic has a 1.7x clash advantage
  • Against Water Magic, Metal Magic has a 1.55x clash advantage
  • Against Crystal Magic and Snow Magic, Metal Magic has a 1.4x clash advantage
  • Against Fire Magic and Acid Magic, Metal Magic has a 1.35x clash advantage
  • Against Ice Magic, Lightning Magic, Sand Magic, Wood Magic, and Poison Magic, Metal Magic has a 1.3x clash advantage
  • Against Shadow Magic, Ash Magic, and Plasma Magic, Metal Magic has a 1.25x clash advantage
  • Against Explosion Magic, Earth Magic, and Light Magic, Metal Magic has a 1.2x clash advantage.

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Metal Magic ~ Clash Disadvantage

  • Metal Magic has only one clash disadvantage, and it is against Magma Magic with 0.9x Clash power.

In Conclusion

Metal Magic can be a formidable choice for players who prefer a slower but more powerful playstyle. Its bleeding effect and clash advantages can give players a strategic advantage in battle, especially when paired with the right synergistic magics.

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