Arcane Odyssey Magma Magic Guide

Magma Magic is a magical power feature in Arcane Odyssey. With its great status effect, this magic is a powerful tool that causes severe damage to its target. Therefore, mastering Magma Magic is crucial if you need a high chance of winning.

As we proceed in this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about “Magma Magic.”

Arcane Odyssey ~ Magma Magic

Magma Magic is one of the base Magics available in Arcane Odyssey for players to use. Magma Magic is a powerful magic type that can cause continuous damage to the target, and it is tagged as heavy-high damage magic.


Its attacks cause the Melting status effect, which deals initial damage. Upon hitting a target, all Bleeding, Soaked, Freezing, and Frozen status effects are removed. Additionally, the magic creates damaging puddles on surfaces and from liquid drops generated by its attacks.

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However, one of Magma Magic’s drawbacks is its slow speed, but it compensates with other strengths. It pairs exceptionally well with Fire, Acid, etc. It also has decent synergy with Poison, Explosion, Glass, and Metal Magic.


Magma Magic ~ Clash Advantage

  • Against Glass Magic, Snow Magic, Ice Magic, and Wood Magic, Magma Magic has a 1.5x clash advantage.
  • Against Wind Magic and Sand Magic, Magma Magic has a 1.4x clash advantage.
  • Against Light Magic and Plasma Magic, Magma Magic has a 1.3x clash advantage.
  • Against Fire Magic, Shadow Magic, Earth Magic, and Poison Magic, Magma Magic has a 1.2x clash advantage.
  • Against Metal Magic Magma Magic has a 1.1x clash advantage.

Magma Magic ~ Clash Disadvantage

  • Magma Magic has only a clash disadvantage against Water Magic of 0.8x clash power. Therefore, players who use Magma Magic must be mindful of their opponents’ magic type during battles.

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Additionally, Magma Magic has a neutral clash power against Acid Magic, Ash Magic, Explosion Magic, Lightning Magic, and Crystal Magic.

In Conclusion

In the video game Arcane Odyssey, Magma Magic is a potent Base Magic because its attacks cause the Melting status effect and remove a variety of status effects. Overall, Magma Magic is a well-liked option for gamers who want to outperform their adversaries in combat.


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