Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List

Are you looking for the best magic In the Arcane Odyssey? In the game, magic is a special ability that allows gamers to control and focus their magical energy using magic circles.

This energy can do different things depending on the type of magic the person has, like creating fire, ice, lightning, and more.

Magic plays a key role in combat in Arcane Odyssey, alongside Fighting Styles and Weaponry. It circles the Magic stat, and when you create your character, you pick one of the 20 basic magics available.


All magics use the same types and shapes of spells, but each magic has its strengths, weaknesses, and unique on-hit effects.

Some combinations work well together like Ice and Water magic freezing enemies or Fire and Wood magic boosting each other’s damage.

Crystal’s effect can be instantly activated by Metal Magic and used to work with Iron Leg. At the beginning of the game, you have access to one magic and one basic spell (blast).


As you invest more in the Magic stat, you can unlock additional spell types and increase spell tiers. Besides the basic spells, players can also discover Lost Spells, which are more advanced and require special methods to find.

When certain Magic builds awaken, new magic becomes available. However, if a player goes through a non-magic build Awakening, they lose the ability to use magic entirely.

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The OFFICIAL ARCANE ODYSSEY Magic Tier List | The Best Magics In Arcane Odyssey

Best Magic In Arcane Odyssey In 2023

1. Explosion Magic

Explosion Magic is one of the initial 20 magic choices players can pick when starting the game, and It is regarded as the best magic by many gamers.

Its destructive power is great which makes it the most powerful among the basic magic options. Every attack from Explosion Magic causes the Charred status effect, partially blocking vision.


It boasts the highest destructive force but sacrifices some overall damage and requires a lot of magical energy. It works well with Fire and Ash and also pairs nicely with Acid, Magma, Wind, and Plasma.

However, it’s not a good match with Sand, Ice, or Water. When it comes to clashes with other magics, Explosion Magic has 12 advantages and 3 disadvantages.

It generally comes out on top, except against a few heat-based and heavy magics. Here’s a quick overview of clash advantages:


  • 4x against Glass Magic
  • 3x against Water, Wind, Sand, Crystal, and Snow Magic
  • 2x against Ash, Acid, Fire, Ice, Light, and Shadow Magic
  • Neutral clashes with Earth, Magma, Wood, and Poison Magic
  • 9x disadvantage against Lightning and Plasma Magic
  • 8x disadvantage against Metal Magic

The mechanics of Explosion Magic include imposing the Charred status effect, creating an explosion when clashing with Poison, and causing spells to vaporize near natural water sources, dealing damage to anything nearby.

Unfortunately, Explosion Magic can’t be used underwater. In terms of interactions, it removes Soaked, Freezing, Snowy, and Petrified status effects upon hitting a target.

When it comes to damage, Explosion Magic deals 20% more damage to Frozen or Petrified targets and 10% more damage to Bleeding, Burning, Melting, or Scorched targets. However, it deals 10% less damage to Soaked or Sandy targets.


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2. Lightning Magic

Lightning Magic is also one of the original 20 magic options players can pick when they start the game. This magic is versatile, focusing on speed and ruin.

One amazing thing about it is that its attacks can remove certain negative effects from the target, like Bleeding and Frozen.


In battles, Lightning Magic does well against solid magics, Light, and Shadow, but struggles against liquid magics and some heavy magics.

It’s kind of like a rock-paper-scissors situation. For example, it has a strong advantage against Shadow Magic and Sand Magic but faces a disadvantage against Wind Magic, Water Magic, and Metal Magic. Here are some interesting features of Lightning Magic:

  • If you deal a significant amount of damage to an opponent (about one-third of their maximum health), they might get paralyzed temporarily, which can be handy.
  • When used underwater, Lightning Magic gets a boost, making it more effective.
  • It can interact with other magics in unique ways, like removing status effects such as Frozen, Bleeding, Sandy, Charred, and Petrified.
  • Lightning Magic can electrify water puddles, turning them into damaging areas.
  • If it clashes with certain magics like Poison, it creates interesting effects like a small explosion.

In terms of damage, Lightning Magic is more effective against Frozen targets and does extra damage to Crystallized, Bleeding, Sandy, Soaked, Scorched, and Melting targets.


So, choosing Lightning Magic can give you an edge in different situations. It’s a dynamic and exciting choice for players who enjoy a mix of speed and power.

3. Metal Magic

Are you just starting? Metal Magic is one of the 20 magic you can pick. It’s a heavy magic that moves slower than Earth magic, but it has some fantastic bonuses.

For one, it can make enemies bleed without you even trying, and it’s good at clashing with other magics. Plus, it works great with a bunch of other magics like Acid, Magma, Sand, Wood, Crystal, Water, and Earth.


When it comes to clashing power, Metal is a champ. It wins almost all clashes, except when it faces Magma. Check out its clash advantages:

  • 8x advantage against Wind Magic
  • 7x advantage against Glass Magic
  • 55x advantage against Water Magic
  • 4x advantage against Crystal Magic
  • 4x advantage against Snow Magic
  • 35x advantage against Fire Magic
  • 35x advantage against Acid Magic

One thing to watch out for is that Metal is a bit weak against Magma magic. If your attack does at least 5% of the enemy’s max health, they start bleeding.

Metal also has some interesting interactions, like breaking out frozen targets and absorbing heat from fire attacks to make its projectiles bigger.


Then again, Metal impresses against frozen targets, dealing 30% more damage. It also does extra damage to crystallized targets and those that are sandy, melting, or corroding.

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4. Plasma Magic

Plasma Magic is one of the best choices with some unique interactions and effects that make it a strategic and exciting option for players in the game.


It’s faster than Fire Magic, but it deals less damage and has a smaller impact area. When you use Plasma Magic, it gives your enemies the Scorched effect, causing damage over time and stopping bleeding.

Plasma Magic is versatile, a bit like Fire Magic, but it’s good for clashes in general and has more interesting interactions. It can even clear some status effects defensively.

Similar to Fire, it inflicts quick, effective damage over time and works well with other magic types. It’s particularly effective when combined with Fire, Acid, Magma, Explosion, Wood, and Ash.


It also pairs well with Poison and Wind, but it’s not a good idea to use it with Ice, Water, or Crystal. In terms of clashes, Plasma Magic triumphs against Snow, Wood, Glass, Fire, Light, Wind, Explosion, Poison, and Ash.

It’s neutral against Acid and Sand. However, it’s at a disadvantage against Ice, Crystal, Water, Lightning, Shadow, Magma, Earth, and Metal, and is especially weak against liquid magics (excluding Wood).

The way Plasma Magic works is interesting. It inflicts the Scorched effect, causing damage over 3 seconds. If you use it underwater, it turns into steam which makes it useless for damage but still allows attacks.


It’s fine against NPCs underwater, but you need to be close to the surface. When it comes to interactions, Plasma Magic fades upon contact with water puddles, unless the puddle is larger than the plasma attack.

It has some great effects, like charging metal projectiles upon clashing, removing certain status effects on hit, petrifying charred targets, and creating unique visual effects when clashing with different types of magic.

In terms of damage, Plasma Magic deals more damage against melting, charred, and bleeding targets. It deals less damage against crystallized, soaked, and freezing targets.


It has additional effects like igniting wood objects, heating metal objects, creating explosions with Poison Magic, and changing the owner of ignited poison clouds to the Plasma caster.

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