Arcane Odyssey Fire Magic Guide

It is no more news that Arcane Odyssey is an awesome adventure game on Roblox that takes place in this massive and magical world. You can use several kinds of magic features in the game, which makes battles with enemies exciting.

Among those magics is Fire Magic. So, if you want to increase your chances of winning fights, you’ll need to master Fire Magic. It’s one of the most powerful tools in the game!

Arcane Odyssey ~ Fire Magic

Fire Magic is one of Arcane Odyssey’s powerful tools that players highly regard among the base magics that can be selected. Players have high regard for this magic based on its strength as elemental magic and the burning state effect, which causes damage over time.


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To unlock Fire Magic’s full potential, players should combine it with Explosion, Plasma, Acid, Magma, or Ash Magic. These elements have excellent synergy with Fire Magic, while Lightning Magic also pairs well, though not as effective as the previous ones listed. However, Water, Wind, and Sand Magic have poor synergy with Fire Magic and should be avoided.

Fire Magic ~ Clash Advantage

  • Against Wood Magic, Fire Magic has a 1.25x clash advantage.
  • Against Glass Magic and Snow Magic, Fire Magic has a 1.2x clash advantage.
  • Against Ash Magic, Fire Magic has a 1.1x clash advantage.

Fire Magic ~ Clash Advantage

  • Against Acid and Sand Magic, Fire Magic has a 0.9x clash disadvantage
  • Against Magma Magic, Plasma Magic, Crystal Magic, and Explosion Magic, Fire Magic has a 0.8x clash disadvantage.
  • Against Ice Magic, Fire Magic has a 0.75x clash disadvantage
  • Against Water Magic, Fire Magic has a 0.7x clash disadvantage.

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  • Against Earth Magic, Fire Magic has a 0.5x clash disadvantage.

Additionally, Fire Magic clashes neutrally against Light Magic, Wind Magic, Shadow Magic, and Poison Magic.

In conclusion

Fire Magic is a versatile and powerful magic in Arcane Odyssey that ranks higher in terms of damage, but it requires careful consideration when clashing with other elemental magics.



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