Arcane Odyssey Cooking Guide

In Arcane Odyssey, you get to mix different things to whip up meals that not only fill your character’s belly but also bring along some amazing effects that stick around for a while.

These effects can either make your character feel stronger or, well, not so great. In this Arcane Odyssey cooking guide, you will learn:

  • The cooking basics
  • Cooking skills
  • Cooking recipes

Let’s dive In.


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Arcane Odyssey Cooking Basics

To cook in Arcane Odyssey, you’ll need a cooking pot, which you can find on different islands. Just pick your ingredients from your backpack, stand near the pot, and press E to toss them in.

You can mix up to four ingredients at once, and pressing Q finishes the cooking, creating a meal with different effects based on what you added.


There are special Silver and Golden Cooking Pots you can find on Dark Sea islands. The Silver one boosts the meal’s value and hunger by 1.5 times, giving it a fancy silver platter or bowl.

The Golden one does it even more, with a 2x increase, and adds a golden touch to the serving dish. But watch out each Silver or Golden Pot can only be used three times before going back to a regular one.

When your meal is ready, a notification tells you what you cooked and how much hunger it fills, so you don’t have to check your inventory.


Now, there are standard meals you can eat right from your inventory. They restore hunger and might have special effects. Just remember, if your hunger is already over 100, you can’t eat, but really good meals can keep your hunger away for a long time.

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Large Meals are like the deluxe version. Make them by using three or more of the same ingredients in a pot. Unlike regular meals, these big ones need to be placed on the ground or on a ship to be eaten.


You can pick them back up if they haven’t been eaten yet. Large meals have five ‘bites,’ and each bite restores a fifth of the total hunger value.

Anyone in your party can dig in too. However, a single bite gives you the full effect, but taking more won’t make it last longer.

And you can only place a large meal when you’re in full health. Otherwise, stick to small meals or wait until you’re all patched up.


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Arcane Odyssey Cooking Skills

Besides the basic cooking thing, there’s also this interesting Cooking Skill Level. It’s like leveling up your cooking game. If you’re a pro chef with high Cooking Skills, the meals you make will not only fill you up more but also give you better effects that last longer.

About the Food Skill:


1. Cooking Skills in Character Stats:

Your character has this thing called Cooking Skills. It’s a badge of honor for your cooking abilities.

2. Leveling Up Your Cooking Skills:


Every time you cook a meal, you gain Cooking Experience. The fancier the meal, the more experience you get. For example, making a Fish and mushroom Stew gives you 108 Cooking EXP because it restores 108 points of Hunger.

3. Checking Your Cooking Skills:

If you want to see how much of a cooking maestro you’ve become, just check the Info Menu. Hover over the orange meal icon at the bottom of the Character tab, and it’ll show your current Cooking Experience.


4. Leveling Up:

Your Cooking Experience resets every time you level up. So, to reach the Great tier, you first need 5,000 EXP to get to Good and then another 7,000 EXP to hit Great. It’s climbing a tasty experience ladder, step by step, bite by bite.

Mushroom MealMushroom(s) + Fish or Fruit + HerbsEnergizing
Mushroom Pie1 Pumpkin + 3 of any mushroomInvigorating & Energizing
Mushroom StewAt least 2 MushroomsEnergizing
Fruit Pie1 Pumpkin + 3 of any FruitInvigorating
Giant Fruit Pie2-3 Pumpkins + 1-2 of any FruitInvigorating
Steamed MushroomOnly 1 mushroomEnergizing
Fish Patty1 Any small fish (e.g., Anchovy)Recovery
Pumpkin PieAt least 1 (sky) Pumpkin (appearance differs depending on pumpkin type)Invigorating
Giant Pumpkin Pie4 (sky) Pumpkins (appearance differs depending on pumpkin type)Invigorating
Bread and Fruit Meal1 Wheat + 3 of any fruitRecovery & Invigorating
Hoagie1 Wheat + Any 3 fruits, fish, or MushroomsDetermined
Sandwich1 Wheat + Any 1-2 MushroomsRecovery & Energizing
Bread1-2 WheatRecovery
Baguette3 WheatRecovery
Spaghetti3 Wheat + Any Fruit, Fish or MushroomRecovery & Invigorating
Breadsticks with Sauce3 Wheat + TomatoRecovery & Invigorating
MistakeMake a meal with only Herbs, Seasonings, or any meal with Rotten FishNone

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