Arcane Odyssey Acid Magic Guide

Arcane Odyssey is an adventure game set in a vast and magical world. The game features a variety of magical powers and abilities, as well as a dynamic combat system that allows players to engage in thrilling battles with enemies.

However, if you need a high chance of defeating enemies in combat while playing the Arcane Odyssey, mastering Acid Magic is crucial.

As we proceed in this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about one of the Arcane Odyssey’s powerful tools, “Acid Magic.”


Arcane Odyssey ~ Acid Magic

Acid Magic is one of the 20 beginning Basic Magics that can be chosen once a player starts the game for the first time.

All of its attacks have the Corroding status effect, which delivers 5% damage per second for 10 seconds, or 50% of the initial hit. Moreover, it makes a destructive puddle when it hits a surface and when an attack produces liquid drops.

Acid Magic is well-rounded, producing a lot of damage and striking targets quickly thanks to its average magic speed. It effectively clashes with other magics. With its Corroding condition effect, which inflicts damage over time, it does a fair amount of damage.


Moreover, it creates acid puddles for area control, which cause additional harm to anyone who steps in them. It works well with Glass, Plasma, Poison, and Explosion, but it works best with Ash, Fire, and Magma. But, using it with sand, ink, or water is counterproductive.

Acid Magic ~ Clash Advantage

  • 4x clash advantage against Fire Magic.
  • 2x clash advantage against Paper Magic, Water Magic, Sand Magic, and Snow Magic.

Acid Magic ~ Clash Disadvantage

  • 9x clash disadvantage against Glass Magic.
  • 45x clash disadvantage against Iron Magic.
  • 8x clash disadvantage against Crystal Magic, and Explosion Magic.
  • 5x clash disadvantage against Earth Magic.

Acid Magic comes in two colors, green and purple. It was the first Base magic added to World of Magic as an update, and it was originally a Water Magic mutation in Arcane Adventures.

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