Antiwordle: How To Play, All You Should Know

Antiwordle is all about playing Wordle in reverse. If this sounds strange to you, it is because you haven’t played it before. And maybe, you heard your friends talking about antiwordle. No matter how it sounds to hear, since you’re here, you will get the information you need on antiwordle.

You will know what Antiwordle is about, how to play it, and the strategies to help you win.

What is Antiwordle about?

Antiwordle was inspired by the first Wordle game. Antiwordle is a spin-off that’s not a sequel like other word-guessing games out there. This game is very challenging and you need a lot of strategies to guess the right word to win.

you’re challenged to make one word or many as you can play a day. The more words you guess, the more familiar you become with the game.

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Antiwordle was developed by Joel Beer in 2022. Joel Beer is a web developer and founded the WillCodeForBeer and Toucan Green.

How To Play Antiwordle

From the screenshot above, you will see that it’s easy to play Antiwordle. Just get the opposite of any given Wordle. You have to guess the Antiwordle of the day. That means you’re going to do a lot of guesswork to get the right word.

The right word will make the squares gray. And wrong answers will mark the square red. While a close attempt will mark the word yellow. To guess the mystery word is what’s so tricky about this game.

Antiwordle is very fun to play with its guessing work. Using the guessed words in real life will help you find the answer to the main word. To get the word right, you must guess many words as you can while avoiding the word itself. You will keep on guessing until you guess right the secret word.

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Antiwordle Best Strategies & Tips

Players have complained about how challenging Antiwordle can be. While those who broke their back tell how fun and fascinating it was to them. So, to get along with this game, you need a lot of strategies to get the mystery word.

With that being said, lets see the strategies most wordle players have employed.

  • Those who won the game tried using words with double or triple letters. It may be counterproductive but keep trying them.
  • While starting, you should try rare letters like using Q and Z to start a word.
  • First try to figure out the word, and lookup for the opposite of such word.
  • Don’t think you’re winning the game when you see yellow squares everywhere. Don’t move them at a spot to see if you will get the word right. Leave them as they’re and use them as a clue to finding the mystery word.

Some Rarest Words in Antiwordle

Thinking of the rarest words to start with in Antiwordle. We advise reusing letters as often to decode the mystery word. Even if it doesn’t work out while trying, don’t give up on reusing words.

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So, here are some words you can start with in Antiwordly.

  • Aquae
  • Exeem
  • Feeze
  • Jeeze
  • Jocko
  • Kazoo
  • Keeve
  • Kooky
  • Mezze
  • Neeze
  • Tuque
  • Quaky

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