Anime Tales Script

In Anime Tales, you have the opportunity to become your own anime character and personalize every aspect to create the perfect representation of your otaku dreams.

Roblox Anime Tales scripts are programs that can automate tasks or modify the in-game experience. These scripts can automate various aspects of the game, giving you an advantage by providing features like unlimited Energy, Infinite Health, and boundless Mana. To use these scripts, you need a Roblox Injector.

Our Anime Tales scripts offer a range of features including Auto Attack, Auto Train, Auto Chest, Game Optimization, and more. These powerful scripts enable you to level up quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to easily dominate the game.

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Anime Tales scripts

Script 1


Script 2


Features of Anime Tales Script

With our Anime tales scripts, you get to enjoy the following features and much more:

  • Auto Farm
  • Auto attack
  • Auto train
  • Speedy game
  • Automated tasks
  • Auto chest
  • Unlimited Energy
  • And more

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How to execute Anime tales script

Follow these easy steps to use the Anime tales scripts provided:

  • Download a Roblox Script Executor
  • Open the Anime Tales game on Roblox.
  • Start the Script Executor while in the game.
  • Copy the scripts provided
  • Paste the scripts in the space provided
  • Enjoy your game with all the added features.

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Anime Tales is a game where you create a personalized anime character. Roblox Anime Tales scripts automate tasks and enhance gameplay with features like unlimited energy and health. These scripts require a Roblox Injector.

They include auto attack, auto train, and other useful functions for leveling up quickly. Simply download a Roblox Script Executor, open the game, and copy-paste the provided scripts to enjoy the added features.

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