Anime Star Simulator Script

We are on board with working Anime Star Simulator Scripts that will be worth your while as long as you leverage them. We had to do some thorough research to get these scripts that will be posted at the end of this article and they are working. Therefore, do well to leverage them,

This Roblox Anime Star Simulator script will give you access to features like auto click, super and ultra punch, auto boost rank up, and possibly more.

About Anime Star Simulator

It is no more news that SBL STUDIO is behind the creation of this amazing anime star simulator game. It can also be recalled that the inspiration for the game was gotten from the popular manga and anime series One Piece.


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The game was just recently made available to users of the Roblox platform and can be found on the platform’s trading list.

The following is a list of all the currently operational Anime Star Simulator scripts that you can use to give yourself an advantage in the game.


Anime Star Simulator Script

Script 1 – Auto use Chi, Auto Rank Up & More

Script 2 – Auto Farm & More


Do well to make good use of this working script as it will be updated occasionally and more added as they are made available to the Anime Star Simulator gaming universe.

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