Anime Lost Simulator Script (Working)

anime lost simulator script

Anime Lost Simulator is an action-packed, three-dimensional game developed in 2023 by Grupo X Studio and can be accessed on the Roblox platform. Research shows that although it is a relatively new game. it presently has more than 12,000 active players with more than 2 million visits.

Anime Lost Simulator is an action-adventure game in which players will be required to explore a vast magical island full of iconic characters from the popular anime series.

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The game is designed such that during their travels through the game world, players can easily interact with other characters in the game world and even use a variety of powerful abilities to fight dangerous enemies.

The game also has some superb visuals that would be appealing to gamers and boasts an immersive gameplay experience. These exciting games come with their share of challenges that players find difficult to surmount and would need scripts and hacks to do well in the game.

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If you are interested in Anime Lost Simulator scripts, then you have come to the right place as we will provide you with working and active scripts below.

Anime Lost Simulator Scripts

Script 1 – Auto Farm

Script 2

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Script 3

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