Anime Adventures Traits Tier List

This post provides an Anime Adventure traits tier list. Traits play a crucial role in improving a unit’s abilities and making it more effective in the game.

These characteristics can cover a wide range of benefits, such as boosting a unit’s essential stats, helping them earn more in-game currency, or dealing extra damage to specific types of enemies.

To apply these traits to your units, you’ll need the help of Wis, who can be found outside the evolution area in the main lobby.


You can obtain Star Remnants, which are essential for enhancing your units, through various means like Bulmy’s shop, completing challenges, opening capsules, and more.

However, In this post, you will learn about some of the best traits In Anime Adventures.

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Let’s get to it.

Trait Unique

Unique Trait is one of the absolute best traits to get your hands on In Anime Adventure. With the Unique Trait, you get a 10% reduction in SPA cost, making it easier to unleash those harmful moves more frequently.

The Unique Trait also adds 10% to your unit’s range, allowing you to hit enemies from a safer distance, and giving you the upper hand in strategic encounters.


However, you can only place one unit with the Unique Trait on your team. But when you consider the incredible power it brings, that limitation becomes a small price to pay for the immense potential.

Some units, like Aizo (Final), Puchi (Heaven), Pride (The One), and others, thrive with this trait due to their three placements. It’s like a perfect match made in anime heaven.

Units like JIO (Over Heaven), Metal Knight (Arsenal), and more, with high individual DPS but low placement caps, impress with the Unique Trait.


They can outperform their three-placement counterparts. Even if your unit has four or more placements, which might result in a weaker group DPS increase, the Unique Trait remains valuable for progressive game modes due to its cost-effectiveness.

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Trait Divine

Divine Trait is like a gift from the heavens, offering incredible benefits to your units. which makes this trait one of the best. Let’s start with the firepower.


Units blessed with the Divine Trait receive a significant 20% boost in their damage output. They can deal more damage to enemies, turning them into formidable fighters on your team.

SPA, or Special Ability, is crucial for unleashing powerful skills. With the Divine Trait, you get a handy 10% reduction in SPA cost. This reduction makes it easier and faster to use your unit’s special abilities.

Also, range is often the key to victory in Anime Adventures. The Divine Trait bestows a generous 20% increase in your unit’s range. This extended reach allows them to hit enemies from a safer distance.


However, the Divine Trait is versatile and suits a variety of units:

  • It’s perfect for units with a spawn cap of 4 or more, like Luffo (Gear IV), Kiroto (Dual), or Harribu (Shark Empress). These units can make the most of the Divine Trait’s benefits due to their higher spawn cap.
  • Support units that benefit from multiple placements, such as Shigaruko (Symbol of Fear) or Endeavor (Hellflame), thrive with the Divine Trait. It amplifies their support abilities across multiple units.
  • Units like Griffin (Ascension), which require multiple placements to reach their full potential, find the Divine Trait invaluable. It helps them become even more effective in battle. Overall, the Divine Trait boosts your unit’s average DPS (Damage Per Second) by a significant 33.3%.

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Trait Reaper

Units blessed with the Reaper Trait receive a solid 15% boost in their damage result. They can hit harder and deal more damage to enemies, making them a valuable addition to your team in any battle.


When it comes to taking down bosses, the Reaper Trait is even better. Units with this trait deal 25% more damage to bosses. The Reaper Trait is a fantastic choice for units that are good in boss battles.

If you have units like Usoap (God) or Akin (Contract) in your lineup, this trait can turn them into boss-slaying champions. In addition, the Reaper Trait boosts your unit’s average DPS (Damage Per Second) by a solid 15%.

However, this increase goes through the roof when your unit is facing a boss, skyrocketing to an impressive 40%. This means your unit becomes even more deadly when taking on formidable foes.


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