Anime Adventures Codes

Anime Adventures is a tower defense game that requires you to gather well-known anime characters and utilize them to safeguard your base. As you make your way through various stages, you can recruit additional allies who will lend their support in tackling waves of formidable adversaries.

By using Anime Adventures codes, you can acquire a generous amount of complimentary gems, which can be subsequently utilized at the Summon shop.

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At this shop, you have the freedom to select the specific rarity of characters you desire to purchase and join you on your adventures. Consequently, possessing a greater quantity of gems allows you to acquire more allies and conquer a greater number of enemies.

Anime Adventures Codes

  • OVERLORD – 500 gems (new!)
  • NEWCODE0819 – 500 gems (new!)
  • SUMMER2023 – 500 gems
  • ANNIVERSARY – gems
  • TOURNAMENTUFIX – 250 gems
  • AINCRAD – 500 gems
  • MADOKA – 500 gems
  • DRESSROSA – 250 gems
  • BILLION – 12 mythic world jumpers and 2,500 gems
  • ENTERTAINMENT – 500 gems
  • HAPPYEASTER – 500 gems
  • VIGILANTE – 250 gems
  • GOLDEN – 500 gems
  • GOLDENSHUTDOWN – 500 gems
  • UCHIHA – 250 gems

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How to redeem Anime Adventures codes

Here are the steps to follow in order to claim your rewards after selecting the desired redemption code:


  • Open Anime Adventures.
  • Proceed to the parking area.
  • Scan the surroundings for the stall that has the word ‘CODES’ floating above it.
  • Approach the stall.
  • Enter your code into the text box that appears.
  • Enjoy the game.

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Anime Adventures is a tower defense game where you collect anime characters to defend your base. By using Anime Adventures codes, you can obtain free gems to spend at the Summon shop, where you can recruit characters of different rarities.

The more gems you have, the more allies you can recruit and the more enemies you can defeat. To redeem the codes, open the game, go to the parking area, find the ‘CODES’ stall, and enter the code in the text box provided.


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