American Girl World Script

american girl world script

American Girl World is now on Roblox, allowing you to explore the worlds of your favorite American Girl Dolls and discover their stories like never before! American Girl World, the official Roblox game from the girl-powered brand American Girl, has arrived! Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to explore American Girl World!

About The Game

American Girl World is open to players of all ages, but players under 13 must have parental permission to play. The game is designed to be a safe, family-friendly environment for people of all ages to explore and engage with American Girl dolls and stories.

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All players must adhere to the game’s terms of use and respect the online safety guidelines, so everyone can have a great time playing the game. Whether you’re a fan of American Girl dolls or just looking for a fun game, American Girl World is an exciting virtual experience.

American Girl has taken girl power to a whole new level with the launch of American Girl World on Roblox! Players can now explore the different worlds of their favorite American Girl Dolls and learn about their stories uniquely.

Take advantage of the American girl world script to get some UGC items while exploring American Girl World. Get ready to start on a journey of girl power and adventure!

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American Girl World Script

[Event] Roblox AMERICAN GIRL WORLD Script - Collect Stars | Mini-Games (Free UGC)


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