All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) Codes

Speaking of Roblox games that have stolen the hearts of players all over the world, All Star Towee Defense (ASTD) is one of the thrilling games that players remain dedicated though.

This has resulted in the need for codes that will make the game easier and more enjoyable for gamers that subscribe to it.

It can be recalled that anime and manga series such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Demon Slayer, Bleach, and others have their casts in this game as players can use them to ensure that the tower is defended.


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It is a no-brainer that All Star Tower Defense Codes will enhance your gaming experience, and since you are here, kindly scroll down for quick access to working ASTD codes at the time of writing and leverage their benefits.

One more thing! If you are playing the game for the first time, these codes will surely come in handy and is very perfect for beginner ASTD players. Find them below.


All Star Tower Defense Codes (Working)

  • TheDrumsOfLiberation2 – Redeem this code to get 50x stardust (2-hours played after release)
  • TheDrumsOfLiberation – Redeem this code to get 2500x gems and 150x stardust (Level 40) 
  • 6billionvists – Redeem this code to get 2500x Gems, 200x Stardust, 1x July 4th Code Unit “Ganyu”
  • july4threalupdate – Redeem this code to get 2000x Gems, 150x Stardust, 1x July 4th Code Unit “Ganyu” (Level 40+)
  • abouttimesnowrbx2023 – Redeem this code to get free rewards
  • NavyXFlameOtherCode – Redeem this code to get 50 stardust (1-Hours Played After Release)
  • sorryfordelayupdate2 – Redeem this code to get 200 stardust & 2000 Gems (1-Hours Played After Release)
  • navyxflamelate200kcodeomg – Redeem this code to get 100 stardust (Level 70)
  • happylatemothersday – Redeem this code to get 150 stardust and 2,000 gems. (Level 50) 

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Final Words

Do well to leverage any of the aforementioned codes in this post to get the experience you want as you engage in an All Star Tower Defense playing adventure.

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