Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

As you embrace the exploratory aspect of Lost Ark, you will notice that some items require significant effort before they can be acquired whilst others can be found with ease and are readily available.

One of these readily available items in the game is the Mokoko Seeds. This is because there are so many of them. There are almost a thousand of them dispersed throughout the entire game.

What Are Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko Seeds are a type of collectible in Lost Ark that aid you in enhancing more contents and benefits for your character if you gather many of them. In the game, players are tasked with locating a total of 1,210 Mokoko Seeds across the game world.

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The majority of them will be concealed in plain sight. However, you will have to meet some requirements to access the rest of them.


As we pointed out, It may be challenging to track down all of the numerous little green seeds. This is because there is only one Mokoko seed left in the game and it can be found on Opportunity Isle.

What Are Mokoko Seeds Used For?

Mokoko Seeds can be used as a form of currency and traded in for a variety of different items, including potions, cards, and blueprints that are very rare. They can also be used to buy some legendary items in Lost Ark.

Opportunity Isle

Opportunity Isle is a little island with very few activities available, the primary ones being fishing. Regardless, once you have located a seed, you can easily gather it by walking up to it and interacting with it.


Locations of all of the Mokoko Seeds in Opportunity Isle

Opportunity Isle is only found periodically. There is a revolving door system that allows for the appearance of three different islands every day. There are times when Opportunity Isle will switch places with one of these other two islands. 

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After attaining level 50, you will be able to simply check which islands will be available when, as well as receive notifications connected to those islands. 


Start the mission on this island to be teleported to the eastern part of the island, where you will locate the solitary Mokoko Seed that can be found on this island. 

When you get there, you should go to the area on the left to find a dock. You will find a leaping point that will transport you to the Mokoko Seed. This is how you find Mokoko Seeds on Opportunity Isle in Lost Ark. Do well to leverage this information and acquire your Mokoko Seed.

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