Aimblox Codes

This shooting game on Roblox, Aimblox, is among the finest. It has complex skins and weapon systems, drawing comparisons to Counter-Strike. Gun Pack, a specific gacha mechanism needing Cash, is still the primary means of acquiring rare skins or weapons

If you’re looking for great first-person shooter excitement on Roblox, go no further than Aimblox. Aim maps are a great way to gain extra Cash for upgrading your arsenal.

Before entering combat, players can hone their skills with various weapons. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the types of AimBlox codes, their benefits, and how you can redeem them.

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About The Game

In May of 2021, Aim Labs released Aimblox Beta, an aiming training and player-versus-player video game. Over sixty weapons, such as machine guns, handguns, grenade launchers, and sniper rifles. The game has 694,000 favorites and 88.1M+ visitors as of July 2022.

You may compete against other human players in various game modes in the Roblox FPS game Aimblox. It’s either Blue vs. Red or all-out chaos with all four teams going at it.

Like any good first-person shooter, you want to prove yourself by killing the most enemies and leading your team to victory. Be the team’s most valuable player and help your team win.


With the Aimblox codes, you may get stronger weapons, making short work of your foes. You may use the money from rolling for Owned firearms to purchase even more firearms with Aimblox codes.

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These codes are easy to use and can purchase bonus items, such as special weapons or power-ups, or access secret levels that can’t be accessed through normal gameplay. By using AimBlox codes, players can unlock special rewards that can be used to further their progress in the game.


Aimblox Codes

  • 2yearparty—Redeem for $1,000 Cash (New)
  • LIKES400K—Redeem for $1,000 Cash (New)
  • likes375k—Redeem for free cash (New)
  • 1millfaves—Redeem for $2,000 cash and a new skin
  • LIKES325K—Redeem for free cash
  • Pumpkin Smash!—Redeem to complete 15 rounds and get the Pumpkin Gun
  • SORRY—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES300K—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES277K—Free $1k Cash
  • 100MIL—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES250K—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES230K—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES215K—Free $1k Cash
  • NEWPLAYER—Free $500 Cash
  • LIKES200k—Free $1k Cash
  • Likes180k—Free $1k Cash
  • AimbloxEaster—Free Bunny Ears Tech Sight attachment
  • AimbloxTweets—Free $1k Cash
  • Likes165k—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES150K—Free $150 Cash
  • LIKES140K—Free $500 Cash
  • LIKES130K—Free $250 Cash
  • aimissue—Free $250 Cash
  • joemama—Free $100 Cash
  • LIKES50K—Free $100 Cash
  • Likes40k—Free $100 Cash
  • LIKES30K—Free $100 Cash
  • LIKES25K—Free $100 Cas

How To Redeem Aimblox Code

Roblox Aimblox makes it easy to redeem codes.

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  • Get Aimblox for Roblox going on your computer or mobile device.
  • Select the Twitter icon on the side of the screen and tap it.
  • Use one of the codes we provided.
  • The “Enter Code Here” text field is where you should paste it.
  • To claim your prize, simply click the Redeem button.


With these codes, players can gain an edge over their opponents and ensure they progress quickly. So if you want to get the most out of your AimBlox experience, check out the different codes available to unlock items and levels.


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