Top Notch Abilities In Ability Wars

This post provides a list of abilities In Ability Wars. Ability Wars was brought to life by the creative minds of Checkeniscool and DuckyYaBoi, drawing inspiration from the popular game Slap Battles.

The journey began on December 15th, 2021, when development for the game kicked off, leading to its eagerly awaited public release in January 2022.

In Ability Wars, you’ll find yourself in a world where abilities reign supreme. These abilities range from ordinary to extraordinary.


You could start with an ability that appears to do nothing, but with dedication and skill, you can unlock powers that give you an ancient Sangheili weapon from the iconic Halo series.

The game introduces the concept of Punches Punches. However, how do you earn these? You can earn these by delivering punches to your opponents. These special Punches Punches act as your currency to unlock new abilities, enabling you to grow stronger as you progress.

In addition, abilities in this game come in various forms. Some require you to press keys like ‘E’ or ‘Q’ to activate them, while others are stagnant, consistently improving your character’s capabilities.


Also, some abilities can be active simultaneously, giving you the ultimate edge in battle. Let’s learn more about these abilities In Ability Wars.

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What Are The Secret Abilities In Ability Wars?

In Ability Wars, there exists a secret ability waiting to be discovered and mastered. These abilities make the game more exciting, and today, I’m going to reveal some of these hidden gems that can turn the tide of any battle.


  • Brick
  • Burger
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Dice
  • Jester
  • Kick
  • Moai
  • Seat
  • Spectator

What Happened To Mind Control In Ability Wars?

In Ability Wars, some abilities come and go like passing seasons, and one ability that has disappeared from the scene is Mind Control.

Mind Control faced a buggy challenge. In layman’s terms, this means it had issues that made it unreliable and often caused unintended results.

This made for a frustrating experience for both users and their targets. Developing a game like Ability Wars is no small feat, and every ability needs to be coded into the game.


Mind Control, however, posed a huge challenge in this regard. It was incredibly difficult to code effectively, which meant that it required a significant amount of time and resources to make it work.

The developers had the tough decision of either investing an excessive amount of effort into fixing it or removing it altogether. As a result, Mind Control was eventually removed from Ability Wars.

What Does Moai Do In Ability Wars?

Moai is one of those secret abilities in Abilities Wars, and to discover Moai, you’ll need a keen eye and a bit of luck. Position your camera just right, behind the pedestal of Deflect, and you might spot a tiny Moai head lurking there.


Once you’ve located it, you can unlock this intriguing power for a cost of 1,550. Moai grants you the unique ability to bash your opponents’ heads with a hard stone made of Moai heads.

When you use Moai, your attacks have the potential to stun your opponents. It’s a powerful advantage that can change the outcome of the battle in your favor.

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What Does Jello Do In Ability Wars?

Jello’s “E” move is like a powerful dessert that packs a punch. When you activate it, you can unleash a harmful attack that can eliminate an enemy in a matter of seconds.

It’s a formidable move that can quickly change the course of a battle. Plus, Jello’s “Q” move is equally exciting.

And, when you use it, you’ll find yourself launching across the map playfully. It is a surprise springboard that can give you a strategic advantage.


With both a lethal attack and a speedy trick at your disposal, you can adapt your strategy to any situation. Use the “E” to take out enemies quickly, and employ the “Q” to move the battlefield with skills.

What Is The Burger Ability In Ability Wars?

When activated, Burger summons delicious burgers that launch themselves toward your mouse cursor. Not only do these burgers look delicious, but they also pack a punch.

They deal slight knockback to your opponents, disrupting their plans and giving you a tactical advantage. If you want to earn Burger, you’ll need to undertake a mini-adventure.


First, you must obtain the “grocery shopping badge.” And once you’ve earned this badge, the quest for Burger begins. Floppa, a weird NPC in the game, plays a crucial role in your adventure to earn Burger.

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Locate the burger hidden under the chair that Floppa NPC sits on. However, the burger doesn’t come cheap. To unlock its power, you’ll need to part with 6,000 in-game currency. It’s a price worth paying for those who appreciate the taste of victory.


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