A One Piece Game (AOPG) Trello Link And Guide

Speaking of exciting Roblox games, A One Piece is as exciting as they come, and this is a no-brainer considering how captivating the anime was, as well as the live-action TV series that was released in 2023.

Roblox A 0ne Piece, with the AOPG acronym, is an action RPG game that allows you to create a character to battle in the One Piece universe.

If you are on this page, then my guess is that you came here to find reliable information on the A One Piece game Trello. If this is the case, kindly read on for comprehensive information on what the game’s Trello entails.


What Is Trello?

A Trello can be described as a tool for the management of projects and can be used to write and edit cards with useful information for folks who are interested.

Therefore, developers of games on the Roblox platform have leveraged this concept in communicating vital information about their games to gamers who have opted for them. Also, it is completely free, hence one of the reasons why Roblox developers have been utilizing it.

About One Piece Game Trello

One would ask about what Trello offers. Here it goes with regards to the A One Piece game. The Trello gives gamers access to information about game updates, various seas, fruits, accessories, swords, guns, combat styles, and more.


It is an excellent method for obtaining a large amount of information in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, it is no longer news that many Roblox games include an official Trello, which is created by the game’s producers and One Piece is not an exception.

The Trello assists players in understanding the fundamentals of the game and covering every facet of the game in a more comprehensive manner than a Wiki could. For the One Piece Trello; Visit This Page.

First Sea Locations in A One Piece Game

  • Wilderness
  • Arlong Park
  • Started Island
  • Shells Town
  • Orange Town
  • Flamingo’s Island
  • Luffy’s Island
  • Ice Island
  • Marine Ford
  • Syrup Village
  • Impel Down
  • Punk Hazard
  • Phoenix Nest
  • Skypiea
  • Desert
  • Arena

Second Sea Locations in A One Piece Game

  • Photon Zone
  • Outlaw Isle
  • Nobleman Island
  • Dressrosa Island
  • Pirates Paradise
  • Sengoku’s Domain
  • Wano
  • Onigashima
  • Dawn Island V2
  • Enies Lobby
  • Zou Island
  • SEA Bear Nest
  • Volcano Biome

List of Accessories in A One Piece Game

  • Horns
  • Spy Fedora
  • Blackbeard’s Hat
  • Lucci Top Hat
  • Oni Mask
  • Farmers Hat
  • Kumas Hat
  • Marine Hat
  • Goggles
  • Sniper’s Hat
  • Straw Hat
  • White Mustache
  • Law’s Hat
  • Samurai Helmet
  • Ronins Tusk
  • Kids Hari and goggles
  • Shinichi Skull
  • Shinichi Horns
  • White Scarf
  • Marine Cape
  • Raigo Drums
  • Lion Cape
  • Flamingo Cape
  • Shell Necklace
  • Spy Cloak
  • Blackbeard Cape
  • Candy Scarf
  • Sign of the Strongest
  • Golden Hook
  • Martial Artist Gloves
  • Blood Automail Arm
  • Metal Boots
  • Seabeast Armor
  • Kid’s Cape
  • Royal Cape
  • Kaidos Cape

List of Raids in A One Piece Game

  • Easter Raid
  • Gear 4 Dungeon
  • Law Raid
  • Candy Raid
  • Akoiji Raid
  • MazeShanks Raid
  • Fujitora Raid

List of Fruits in A One Piece Game

  • Doku Fruit
  • Invisible Fruit
  • Bari Fruit
  • Suna Fruit
  • Fire Fruit
  • Bara Fruit
  • Ice Fruit
  • Operation Fruit
  • Lightning Fruit
  • Smoke Fruit
  • Light Fruit
  • Quake Fruit
  • Gas Fruit
  • Phoenix Fruit
  • Gravity Fruit
  • Dark Fruit
  • Buddha Fruit
  • Paw Fruit
  • Light Fruit
  • String Fruit
  • Tori Fruit
  • String Fruit Awakened
  • Magma Fruit Awakened
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Bomb Fruit
  • Magnet Fruit
  • Mochi Fruit
  • Gura FRUIT V2
  • Magu Fruit
  • Rubber Fruit
  • ICE Fruit V2

Does A One Piece Game Have A Trello?

As stated in the article, the majority of games that are launched on the Roblox platform have a Trello and A One Piece Game is not an exception. The Trello link has already been mentioned in this article. nevertheless, Visit This Page.


Does Roblox Have another One Piece Game?

The answer is yes. King Legacy is on Roblox and it appears that it is the second most popular one-piece game on the Roblox platform. Meanwhile, find King Legacy codes and King Legacy scripts here.


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