A Comprehensive Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide

A Soul Reaper is a soul with special powers to combat and sense evil spirits called Hollows, using a spiritual weapon called Zanpakutō.

They cleanse lost souls and Hollows, maintaining balance in the spirit world. Roughly two centuries ago, they clashed with Quincy, who excessively hunted Hollows posing a threat to the realms.

In response, Soul Reapers quelled the Quincy, preventing potential world disruptions. This makes Soul Reapers the opposite of Quincy in their approach to handling spiritual matters. However, before we dive Into Soul Reaper progression, you need to become a Soul Reaper.


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A Guide on How To Become A Reaper?

To become a Soul Reaper in Peroxide, you’ll first need to decide on your character’s gender. After that, you’ve got to die. However, there are two ways to go about it: either let a Hollow take you down, or actively seek out Kisuke using the Sight button on your Hotbar.


Once you hit level 15, unlocking your Shikai, the spiritual weapon, becomes the focus. This involves doing quests and taking down Hollows. Following that, you’ll embark on a meditative journey, collecting orbs in the Spirit world.

As you gather around 160 orbs, your Shikai, the manifestation of your spiritual power starts to take shape, and you’re tasked with completing one of three quests.

You may have to hunt down and defeat a Rogue Shinigami, take on a powerful Hollow, or even face off against a Soul Reaper guarding the entrance to Soul Society.


Team up with friends or grind a bit, as these quests can be challenging. Once you’ve collected around 180 orbs, the Shikai dimension awaits.

You’ll confront your Shikai in battle. It’s a tough adversary, so you have to come prepared to utilize all your skills and the newfound powers of your Shikai.

Training at the dojo to boost your stats may be useful. Furthermore, reaching level 85 becomes the next checkpoint. Collecting 420 in-game points involves various activities like completing Time gates, participating in Raids, and engaging in Invasions.


These points pave the way for the coveted Bankai which Is the the next level of your spiritual prowess. However, obtaining your Bankai is not easy.

It involves facing your Inner Spirit in a two-phase battle. In phase one, swords rain down, and you’ve got to find the real one among the fakes.

Phase two is a one-on-one battle with your Inner Spirit, who activates Bankai for a serious showdown. You’ve to train, level up, and come back ready.


After getting your Bankai, activating It is a game-changer. Just press “G” when your Shikai is charged. Also, you can upgrade it by using it frequently or sparring with your Zanpakutō.

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Soul Reaper Progression

After you become a Soul Reaper, let’s venture on the Soul Reaper progression journey. Your priority is on leveling up and boosting your stats. There are several avenues to achieve this:


1. Gym Training

Run over to the gym and pay the owner a fee of 50 yen for entry (though it’s wise to accumulate some cash through jobs first).

Once inside, utilize the training machines in the dojo to gradually enhance your combat stats, Reiatsu, and agility.

2. Job Opportunities

Check out the Job Billboard for various tasks that grant you experience points for leveling up and offer stat increases upon completion.


To further amplify specific stats, approach Herupa, pay her, and choose the stat you want to boost every time you finish a job.

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3. Bandit Beater Route

If you’re up for a more direct approach, engage in combat and defeat enemies to earn experience points. However, relying solely on this method might not be the most efficient way to progress.


To advance through the ranks from F to S+, you’ll encounter the concept of limit-breaking. For each rank, you need to max out three key areas of your stats: combat stats, Reiatsu, and agility.

Once achieved, you must gather limited break experience to climb to the next rank. This experience can be earned by interacting with NPCs you haven’t spoken to, taking on jobs, or slaying enemies.

Upon obtaining your Shikai, it’s advisable to focus on grinding invasions or time gates. These activities contribute to leveling up your stats and also grant valuable drops and experience points. Starting invasions at this stage is particularly recommended due to the overall benefits they provide.


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