A Complete Guide To Digging In Stardew Valley

This is a complete guide to digging In Stardew Valley. In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is digging In Stardew Valley
  • Where you dig In Stardew Valley
  • And how you can dig.

Let’s dive In.

What Is Digging In Stardew Valley?

Digging in Stardew Valley is a practical main Ingredient for transforming untamed land into a comfy farmstead. In the game, you inherit a sizable plot from your grandpa, armed with basic tools.


You don’t need any high-tech tools, just you, the soil, and the task of turning wild fields into a successful place. That said, digging is the essential move for harvesting crops, foraging, and mining valuable items.

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But, to be honest, it’s not as simple as it may seem. When you want to begin your digging adventure, the shovel, and the hoe are your two main tools.


And, you can use it to uncover clay, dig up soil for planting, and perhaps find artifacts and rare items by choosing your digging areas wisely.

What You Dig In Stardew Valley?

Start with rocks, and look for ones with spiral designs or bone patterns. These are your playgrounds for artifacts and resources. It’s a little scavenger hunt in your virtual backyard.

Now, once you’ve gathered bone fragments, head over to Gunther at the Museum. Trade them in, and he’ll toss you six Golden Walnuts as a thank-you. It’s a win-win for your efforts.


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Get a hoe and hit the fields, and If you don’t have a hoe, that is still fine. A better pickaxe can handle the soil you just tilled. Clay is another underground gem.

Dig wisely, and you may get some orange dye. You can use craft pots and brick floors. Plus, it’s the source of that vibrant orange dye for tailoring.


A quick tip: while you can get orange dye from clay, sticking to clay sources is more efficient.

How To Dig In Stardew Valley?

In the game, Digging is a bit like a scavenger hunt. Look for artifact areas, they’re the tiles with three worms, and when you find one, start digging.

However, it may not always be an artifact; sometimes, it’s just random things. Stardew Valley can be a bit unpredictable like that.


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Then again, clay, Is a valuable resource, a bit like gold in the farming world. And you can find It around the beach. To guarantee a good stash of clay, do your digging in an Artifact area.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, artifacts, and clay, all waiting for you to mine. To get into the digging action, get your hoe. While the game gives you a basic one to start, stick with it, or upgrade.


Also, equipping the hoe is easy, just select it from your inventory. Now, click where you want to dig, move the hoe with a left click, and there you go.

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