66 EZ Games Unblocked To Play (Guide)

66 ez games unblocked

If you’re looking for games to play in 66 EZ games, then we have got you covered as we have gathered many games that you utilize in your leisure time. Some Of The Unblocked Games 66 EZ Are:

1. Mechanical Brothers

Mechanical Brothers game is about a game where brothers will have to build a mysterious machine. In this game, you pass information to your brother using cannon.

2. Building Demolisher

This involves demolishing buildings and you can do that by using the objects on the screen like the wrecking balls to destroy any building at each stage of the game.

The wrecking balls can either be dropped at the left or right. The game features two different wrecking balls one of them is “fire” and can burn wood, and the other is an explosive that can destroy the building when dropped.

Skill Games To Play At Unblocked Games 66 EZ

1. Color Bump 3D

This game has an intelligent interface and a very detailed game experience. Its graphics are great and are retro-styled. The game has about 800 game levels and each of them is far different from another making the game one of the most addicting unblocked games.

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2. Santa’s Rush: The Grinch Chase

The Santa’s Rush The Grinch Chase is a Christmas-mode game that replicates the Christmas atmosphere for its players. Here, the Grinch will try to ruin your Christmas season and you have to stop it by aiding Santa to destroy all obstacles that will surface and being the hero.

3. FlappyBird.Space

This is a fascinating arcade game with simple controls and is very addicting. In the FallpyBird Space, you should fly without hitting or falling onto the green pipes below you. Your score is recorded by the distance you have covered without falling. The game also has multiplayer.

4. Helix Jump

This is another interesting game that you can engage in your leisure period. The Helix Jump is a ball that bounces in its place. If you try to change the bouncing ball, it will bounce toward the tower you moved it to.

5. Draw-Play 2

The Draw-Play 2 is a line drawing game where you draw lines for your character to follow through and get to its location without being hit by blockades. The game is good for brain development as you will have to figure out quickly, the lines to draw that have no obstacles near them.

6. Crazy ball 2

This is the 2nd installment of Crazy ball Adventures. It’s an arcade game with a 360-degree visual view. Here, you can earn stars when you overcome obstacles before you can move to the next level.

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Driving Games To Play At Unblocked Games 66 EZ

1. City Car Driving Simulator 3

This is the third version of this addictive car racing game. You will enjoy the gameplay as when you drive at night, you will be amazed at the multi-story buildings erected on both sides of the highway. The game also has many different modes you can try out.

2. Cars: Lightning Speed game

This is a fantastic thrilling car racing game where you will make a selection of your, customize it, and get ready to race with other race experts who are willing to take the first position. You can play tournaments in the game to earn money and use that to upgrade your car to stand out.

3. Madalin Cars Multiplayer

This is a new version of the Madalin Mad car racing series. In this game, you compete with other expert racers to see who the boss fit. You can select and modify your vehicle before choosing a race to engage with.

4. The Zombie Food Truck

In this game, players are to serve food as zombies. It was developed by the team left. As said, you will work at a food truck and serve delicious meals to humans, take orders from guests, and serve them all in zombie characters to earn cash.

5. Apocalypse Drive:

The Apocalypse Drive, it’s a zombie action game where you will have to eliminate zombies by driving a monster car. To get rewards, drive your truck and destroy as many zombies as you can.

Misc Games To Play At Unblocked Games 66 EZ

1. Hot Dog Bush

This is a food game developed by Georg Bush, former president of the United States. Now, the regime of George Bush as an American president has come to an end and he now ventures into hotdog making. You are to help him sell his hotdogs to New York City residents.

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2. Elastic Man

This is an online simulation game that players will have to pinch and drag the elastic man’s skin. When you drag his skin, it draws like a balloon and slides his body.

3. War Parkour

In the game, your character is a soldier who tests your parkour abilities and reactions. You will have to leap to great walls or slide across them without falling or you will lose.

4. Die in the Dungeon

This is a deck-building game you will play with dice and not cards as usual. It’s an online game. Your objective is to build a 20-floor Dungeon by utilizing the effective combinations that can speed up your building.

Top Rated Games To Play At Unblocked Games 66 EZ

1. Playground Differences

This game is easy and also challenging. You may ask how? The game shows you two closely identical pictures to spot the difference between them. You have to be smart enough to spot the differences.

2. Plazma Burst 2

This is an online shooting game. Though may not work on all android devices as you will need Adobe Flash to play it. But you can enjoy the game with your PC.

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3. Dirt Bike 3

This is a bike racing game. If you enjoy racing with bikes and flipping your wheels while in the air, this is a game for you. Also, it’s an online game you can only play with your PC.

4. 3D Missile

This 3D game requires the use of Adobe Flash before you can play it. Therefore, the game is strictly for PC users.

5. Best Classic Mahjong Connect

This a game developed for kids and is very addictive. It also helps to develop the kid’s memory since its gameplay is based on an online psychological battle and strategy.

6. Bloons Tower Defense 3

This is an action-packed arcade game. It might be very challenging but it’s very fun to play if you’re an engineering student or you like construction work. You can only play it using your PC, it doesn’t allow for mobile play.

7. Ninja Jump Force

In this game, your character will be a ninja jumping from place to place to defeat foes with its ninja apparel. It’s a very fun game to play and you can enjoy it with your Android, iPhone, or PC.

8. Dead Zed

Dead Zed is a zombie online shooting game. It is so fascinating and free to play. Sadly, you can’t play it on mobile devices but rather on your PC only.

9. Tap & Go Deluxe

This is an online arcade game and is a nice game to play during leisure. In the game, you play as a duck to earn coins.

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