5 Best Cookies To Use In Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free RPG and city-building game where you create your Cookie Kingdom. You collect Cookies using a Gacha system for battles in different modes, including PvP and Guilds.

Engage in challenges like the Tower of Sweet Chaos and Cookie Alliance, and you can also explore Tropical Soda Islands for extra resources.

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Best Cookies To Leverage in Cookie Run: Kingdom

1. Stardust Cookie

stardust cookie

Stardust Cookie is a top choice in Cookie Run: Kingdom because It is a team player. When things get tough, Stardust Cookie steps up with a healing touch for the whole squad.


This Cookie has a defensive boost to the table which is used to wrap your team in a protective shield of shining stars, making them more resilient against enemy attacks.

2. Golden Cheese Cookie

Golden Cheese Cookie

If you’re eyeing a top-tier cookie for battles, consider the Golden Cheese Cookie. This champion boasts a game-changing combination of skills that makes it a favorite among players.


The difference between other cookies is that they sport permanent super armor which gives them excellent durability against enemy attacks.

Meaning, it can take a beating without pulling back, and this makes it a reliable frontline in your Cookie team. Adding to its prowess is the consistent Area of Effect (AoE) damage it deals with.

Golden Cheese Cookie can declare widespread attacks, hitting multiple foes at once. This makes it particularly useful when facing groups of enemies or in large-scale battles.


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3. Snow Sugar Cookie

Snow Sugar Cookie

The Snow Sugar Cookie is another fantastic cookie you can use. Snow Sugar Cookie adds some heavy perks to your squad.


When you deploy the Snow Sugar Cookie, your whole team gets a temporary boost in action speed and attack power. In the heat of battle, that can make a significant difference.

The enhanced action speed means your team moves faster, and the increased attack power packs a stronger punch against foes.

Even If you’re tackling challenging levels, facing off in PvP, or conquering the Tower of Sweet Chaos, having the Snow Sugar Cookie in your team can turn the tide in your favor.


4. ​Icicle Yeti Cookie

​Icicle Yeti Cookie

Icicle Yeti Cookie looks adorable, and at the same time loads a punch in battles. Once in action, Icicle Yeti Cookie has this trick of freezing enemies in their tracks.

That’s a great strategic advantage. Enemies stuck in ice means a win for your team. However, Icicle Yeti Cookie doesn’t just freeze foes, it also dishes out consistent area damage.


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​5. Burnt Cheese Cookie​

Burnt Cheese Cookie

Burnt Cheese Cookie is also one of the top cookies that you can use In the game, having a reliable tank on the battlefield. This warrior taunts enemies, drawing their attention away from their vulnerable allies.


The taunting skill ensures enemies focus on Burnt Cheese Cookie, giving your team room to maneuver. And the real game-changer is that Burnt Cheese Cookie grants super armor to the entire squad. With super armor, your squad becomes powerful, resisting damage and standing strong in the face of adversity.

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