4 Strongest Clans In Northgard

Northgard is a strategy game that dives into Norse mythology. You get to guide your clan, explore a new mysterious land, and take down your foes to claim the Throne.

In the game, you choose a Clan, and each clan with its special traits and bonuses. Some Clans come with the game, while you get others by buying extra content. Without further ado.

Strongest Clans In Northgard

  • Goat

  • Eagle

  • Dragon

  • Stag

 Let’s learn about them.

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1. Goat



The Goat Clan is a good choice for tough conditions and solid settlements. They handle harsh winters like pros and thrive in self-sufficiency.

These clans work hard, making the most of every inch of their turf. They’re adaptable and resilient and fit right in on Northgard.

Also, this clan can prosper with minimal space. With different building tricks and structures that can handle more workers, they boast the strongest economy.


Plus, they can trade surplus food for a ton of Kröwns. However, they kick off with a sheep and can build two Sheepfolds. As they climb the fame ladder, things get better.

At 200 Fame, they become Shepherds, getting two free sheep, an extra Sheepfold, and a 10% food production boost. At 500 Fame, it’s teamwork time. Free feasts every year and unit regeneration during feasts.

2. Eagle



The Eagle Clan is a bit complex but can help out friends with loot pouches or take over Northgard alone. At the beginning, instead of a Scout Camp, you get an Aviary.

It trains Falconer Falconers and uncovers Buried Caches on the map over time. You also start with a Hawk that turns a cleared area into a Boneyard, which gives you resources and heals your units.

Aviaries don’t need a building slot and let you send more Hawks to the Boneyard. But, no extra Fame comes from settling new zones.


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3. Dragon


The Dragon Clan is the weirdest among all, sticking to ancient customs and embracing some pretty strange traditions. They’re known for using sacrifices and slavery to reach their goals, which doesn’t exactly make them the most trusted among the other clans.


If you manage your population well, this clan can become a powerhouse as the game progresses. Early expansion is made easier, and their ability to recruit Dragonkin makes their warband one of the toughest.

To keep this formidable army going, you can either use Thrall Slaves for an economic boost or sacrifice them to feed the dragon gauge.

As your Fame rises, the essence gauge gives you constant and growing bonuses. Starting, your civilians can venture into neutral territory without worry.


There’s no happiness or production penalty for wounded units, and you begin with a Sacrificial Pyre. You can even build a Dragonkin Altar instead of other military camps.

Starting with 2 Thralls and just 3 Villagers, you can buy more Thralls from your Longship Docks. As your fame hits 200, you get a Reluctant Workforce, 5 more Thralls, and an extended Dragon Essence gauge with increased bonuses.

At 500 fame, you unlock Tenacious Grudge, allowing you to train Draconic Nightmares and max out your Dragon Essence gauge for even more bonuses.


Also, Dragon Essence is unique to the Dragon Clan. Sacrificing units at the Sacrificial Pyre earns Dragon Essence, unlocking various bonuses on the gauge.

Each fame step improves bonuses and adds more to the gauge. At different fame levels, you get Happiness, Food, Wood, Kröwns, Lore, and Fame bonuses.

These influences range from a happiness boost to passive healing for Dragonkin, and increased attack power for your clan units.


So, the Dragon Clan may have some odd ways, but with strategic management, they can become a force to be reckoned with.

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4. Stag



The Stag Clan takes pride in its impressive history of accomplishments, known for both its noble demeanor and its tough, no-nonsense approach to justice.

Their strength is tireless, and they have a keen eye for wealth and fame, which makes them ambitious expansionists. If you choose the Stag Clan, you’ll find that they can quickly gain fame and have ample resources to establish a solid settlement foundation.

To begin, you get a boost of +75 in Food, Wood, and Kröwns, along with +40 in Lore. The Hall of Skalds, a replacement for the Brewery, not only maintains your fame but also adds to it.


As your fame grows, so do your rewards. At 200 fame, each boat brings in +50 Food, Wood, and Kröwns, along with +25 Lore and +5 Stone.

At 500 fame, unit production gets a 3% boost for every 200 fame earned up to a maximum of 15%. Reaching 1000 fame grants your war chief the Valorous Leader the ability to increase defense by 50% and health by 40%.

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