2v2 Box Fight Code (Full Guide)

2v2 fortnite box fight codes

Box fighting is one of the biggest hindrances stopping players from upgrading their game to the next level in Fortnite game. Time before now, it was next to a nightmare to practice this element of your game. But you can now access box fighting map codes and it will be of great use to you.

When it comes to trying to get better at competitive shooters, many gamers have garnered experience since the game was launched. When we talk about Call of Duty, CS: GO, and Fortnite, these are all games that some seasoned Fortnite enthusiasts have played for a long while.

This is not just talking about going into a game with a couple of your friends when one is free. I am emphasizing hours of daily consistent practice every day, participation in tournaments, and numerous research.

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1. Clix Box Fighting Map

Creative Code: 7620-0771-9529

At first, Pandvil brought about this map to give Clix a boxfighting map while he streams it. But what he did turn out to have a much greater impact. Even though it is one of the older box fight maps, it still is the best single experience ever going to come your way.

It is very simple and an exact representation of what is expected of a fight map. You are provided with solid mechanics, a good loadout, and an enclosed space for you and your friends to work on.

2. Yerk’s Fortnite 1v1 / 2v2 Box Fighting Map

Creative Code: 4419-3271-4192

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Yerk’s creative box fighting map serves as a completely automatic and dynamic multi-featured map in realtime. Rather than having a single box fighting arena, you get different dimensions depending on how many people you are playing with unlike a majority of other maps.

Both versions of the map are completely automatic and reset your builds with immediate effect after every fight. This saves you all the time that you would have possibly wasted watching the round score to show. Also, this experience takes your gaming experience to a completely new level as you do not have to wait for the game to restart.

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3. Faze Flea’s Fortnite Box Fighting Map

Creative Code: 9672-5345-9703

Contrary to public opinion, Faze Flea has come to be one of the best boxfighting map makers in the entire scene. The truth is that majority of gamers myself included didn’t have many expectations on the map when it first dropped but everything happened in the complete opposite.

From a mechanical point of view, the map is similar to the Clix box fight map. You spawn in with an AR, a pump, a Slurpfish, two minis, and 500 wood.

However, the 5x4x2 arena (five wide, four long, two high) design is what sets Faze Flea apart from the others. It comes with that neon aesthetic that has risen to popularity recently, still, it is not overused like a majority of other Fortnite Creative maps.

After you have spawned, you have six seconds in total to get your bearings before the fighting starts and this is not much.

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4. Saladrianf1’s Boxfight And Buildfight 2-In-1

Creative Code: 4195-5233-8509

This map is not strictly a Fortnite boxfighting map. Rather, it is a dual hybrid that features options for box fighting and building fighting in one piece. These two are critical skills that you have to work on to elevate your gameplay. And this makes this map necessary for anyone that is trying to improve their skills.

The map appears fantastic with a dream-like neon aesthetic, but that is not convincing enough for you to play this map. That kind of mentality is to be saved for Flea’s box fight map.

The level of this map’s versatility is the major attraction to it. you’re allowed to pick your own loadout. This is in a way better than most boxfighting maps and you can switch between boxfighting and build fighting anytime it pleases you.

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5. Saldrianf1’s Box Fight And Battle Training Map V3

Creative Code: 6698-8756-5900

From the five maps that we have featured in this article, I’m personally going to cross the line to convince you that is the best amongst every other Fortnite box fight map. Saldrianf1 comes again this time with another amazing map that focuses on improving your skills instead of providing you with just a fun playing experience.

It is like an aim trainer, in that it’s a prebuilt arena with mobile targets. Instead of designing it for you and your friends to just butt heads. The truth is that it’s designed differently in general. it is advisable to make use of the Clix code if you’re in search of a boxfighting map code to practice against other players in a competition.

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This map is also very useful if you’re looking for a Creative map that will help you get better while playing Fortnite in general. You must use this map for at least 30 minutes every day after you log in for the first time. This will help you to warm up your boxfighting skills and your aim too. And this is of great use when you step into the more complex stages.

Final Thoughts 

The codes provided above will allow you to play the game on different maps with a unique experience. Ensure to type in the codes all together to activate its unique map.

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