2PGFT Remastered Codes – FEBRUARY 2024

Roblox is an online game creation platform where game enthusiasts gather to use free graphics and animation tools to create 3D games. Some of them are Jailbreak, Tower of Hell, and Adopt Me, alongside plenty of them out there. 

There are many games there to check out and one of the most trending games is the 2PGFT (Two Player Gun Factory Tycoon) Remastered. Codes which are also called Twitter codes are special characters that you can redeem to obtain significant prizes, rewards, or items in a game. 

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The codes were released on Twitter by Bereza and another two active codes were added by xtntt and TalonMidnight. The game is an interesting one and if you want to simplify its gaming strategy, then you may consider applying the codes for 2PGFT Remastered and redeeming your items.

All Current Working Codes

  • SIXYEARS—Redeem for 15k cash & Speed bonus
  • 2PGFT—Redeem for 20k cash
  • Seasons—Redeem for 5k cash & Jump bonus
  • Spring4Life—Redeem for Speed bonus
  • ISawTheAd—Redeem for Speed bonus
  • Remastered—Redeem for 10k cash & Jump and Speed bonuses
  • yUd4kd09—Redeem for Speed and Health bonus
  • DuR4SKt12—Redeem for First Aid Kit
  • DiiDU87kJ2—Redeem for Thrustpack
  • Dei7Duwe—Redeem for 10k cash, Assault Rifle, Health bonus, and two Twitter-related items
  • DjjUsi4000—Redeem for Speed Coil

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Do well to leverage the 2pgft codes that have been mentioned in this article and enhance your gameplaying experience on the Roblox platform.


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