15 Best Movies Like The Beach Girls

best movies like the beach girls

Some old movies were entertaining to the extent that movie lovers are always on the lookout for other movies that share a similar storyline. 

These old classics have stood the test of time and folks don’t mind going back to watch them regardless of the old-fashioned technologies that were deployed in moving making those days. One movie that falls into this category is The Beach Girls. 

Folks are interested in movies like The Beach Girls and we will be providing information on 15 similar movies to The Beach Girls in this article.

The Beach Girls Plot

The Beach Girls is an American sex comedy movie that was released in 1982. The movie was directed by Pat Townsend and stars Jeana Tomasino, Val Kline, and Debra Blee.

The movie tells the story of two students Ducky and Ginger who meet their friend Saah at a beach house in Southern California. The house is owned by Sarah’s uncle, but thanks to some stroke of good luck, he has agreed to let them use it while he is away for the summer. 

After the arrival of Ducky and Ginger, they begin making plans for the first of many crazy parties, despite some opposition from Sarah. 

The two keep making preparations for additional partying, which includes inviting a variety of oddballs, delivery workers, and others who are only passing by. Sarah’s initial opposition eventually wears off, and she finds herself joining in on the wild gatherings.

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15 Best Movies Like The Beach Girls

1. Bikini Summer

An elderly couple who are owners of a beach property that needs to be redecorated finds a group of friends whom they place in charge of the task while the couple is away on other business. 

However, This group of buddies decides to have a bikini competition rather than focusing only on their work at this company. 

2. Project X (2012) 

The American comedy film Project X was released in 2012 and tells the story of three high school seniors who want to become more popular and decide to arrange a house party. 

Even though their parents were there, the party quickly spiraled out of control, resulting in significant property damage to Thomas’s home and the surrounding neighborhood. 

Critics had a variety of reactions to the movie; some appreciated its humor and wittiness, while others lambasted it for its crass humor and obscenity. 

Overall, the movie had a mixed reception. Regardless, the movie did quite well at the box office, grossing $100 million despite having a budget of only $12 million. 

3. American Pie (1999) 

American Pie tells the story of a group of close friends who have decided to undertake the mission of losing their virginity before graduating from high school. 

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Along the way, they learn what it is to have genuine friendships with one another, and also learn that sexual encounters are not always what they appear to be. 

The movie attained massive popularity and grossed more than $200 million worldwide during its run in theaters, making it a huge success.

It was also met with approval from reviewers, with many of them praising the comedy and the performances of the principal cast members. 

4. Van Wilder (2002) 

Ryan Reynolds plays the lead role of Van Wilder in the American comedy film which was released in 2002. The film also stars Tara Reid, Tim Matheson, Teck Holmes, Daniel Cosgrove, and Alexis Arquette. 

The film tells the story of the film’s character, who is an excessively wild party animal and attends college for seven years while his father pays for all of his expenses. 

When Van Wilder begins planning events on campus, such as fraternity parties and other gatherings, he quickly rises to prominence among students. 

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However, when his father ultimately decides to stop providing him with financial support, Van is compelled to work as a dog walker and must confront the possibility of completing his college degree. 

5. American Pie 2 (2001) 

In comparison to the original film, American Pie 2 is a satisfying continuation of the story. The entire cast is present, and they are each portraying one of their famous roles. 

A few new characters are presented in the film, but not quite enough to give the impression that it has been updated. 

6. EuroTrip (2004) 

The American comedy film EuroTrip was released in 2004 and tells the story of a group of friends who travel to Europe after one of them is dumped by his girlfriend. 

Along the way, they find themselves in a variety of precarious situations, including getting in conflict with the law, becoming disoriented, and coming dangerously close to losing their lives. 

Regardless, they are still able to have a great time together and discover a lot about themselves as well as about one another. 

7. Blockers (2018) 

Blockers is a movie produced by Universal Studios and starred the likes of Ike Barinholtz, Leslie Mann, and John Cena. The plot of the movie centers on three young women who make a pact to have their first sexual experience on the night of their senior prom, but their overprotective parents put a stop to their plans. 

In the movie, the parents are not presented as villains; rather, they are shown to be well-meaning individuals who are ultimately driven by love and care for their children. 

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Blockers is one of those movies that will make you laugh, cheer, and maybe even weep a few tears at the end of it. 

8. Summer School Teachers (1974) 

The plot of the movie centers on a group of teachers who are tasked with teaching summer school in a high school in the middle of the city. 

However, the students are stubborn and show little enthusiasm for learning. Regardless, the teachers form a connection with them very quickly. 

The film Summer School Teachers is both hilarious and touching, and it focuses on the significance of getting an education. 

9. Malibu Beach (1978) 

Dina is the name of the sexy new female lifeguard who has just been hired at Malibu beach, and the summer season there is known for being exciting and eventful. 

Dina has her sights set on Bobby even though everyone else in the area is attracted to her, including an old bully who shows off his strength to win her over as well as children who act as if they are drowning to get her attention.

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10. Private Resort (1985) 

Private Resort is a humorous comedy that was released in 1985 and tells the story of two gentlemen who spend the weekend at a luxurious hotel in the hopes of hooking up with some of the gorgeous women they encounter there. 

Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow play the role of the two friends in the film, and Depp displays some excellent comedy throughout the film. 

11. Summer Job 

A group of three friends finds employment at a resort in Florida during the summer. However, they use the opportunity to work as an excuse to party with people they don’t know.

They end up accomplishing very little of the work that is expected of them at the resort. They indulge in sexual activities while also exacting some measure of vengeance on one another.

12. The Girl Next Door (2004) 

In this movie, Emile Hirsch delivers a career-best performance as high school senior Matthew Kidman, who falls in love with his new next-door neighbor Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert). 

Cuthbert is captivating in the role of the former porn star who longs to be loved, and the two of them have an electrifying connection together. 

Other superb casts include Timothy Olyphant, who plays Danielle’s frightening ex-boyfriend, and James Remar, who plays Matthew’s protective best friend.

13. Super Bad (2007) 

Superbad is an American teen comedy film that was released in 2007 and directed by Greg Mottola and produced by Judd Apatow.

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In the movie, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera play the roles of Seth and Evan, two high school seniors who are about to go their ways after the completion of their high school careers. 

The two of them, while making preparations for their farewell party, set out to find booze for the gathering and face several challenges as they travel down the path. 

Nevertheless, despite the obstacles, Seth and Evan are finally successful in their mission, and they have a night that they will laugh about for a long time. If you want to have a good laugh, this is the movie for you.

14. Malibu Spring break 

Both Michelle and Brianne are currently enrolled in college and have decided to spend their spring break in Malibu at the home of Michelle’s uncle. 

They make the bold choice to have a crazy party, which inevitably leads to chaos. They decide to go all out. 

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15. Bachelor Party (1984) 

The hilarious comedy film Bachelor Party was produced in 1984 and follows the story of a man who is about to get married and whose friends throw him a wild bachelor party before the wedding. The comedy movie contains its fair share of crass jokes, but it also has a few spots that will make you laugh out loud. 

It tells the story of Rick Gassko (Hanks), a man who is about to get married and is just a few weeks away from tying the knot. His pals have decided to give him a bachelor party, which swiftly spirals out of control due to excessive drinking. 

Rick gets himself into more and more embarrassing situations as the night goes on, much to the amusement of his other friends who are watching him go down this path. 

The supporting cast is also very good, and Tom Hanks does a fantastic job in the starring role. The movie Bachelor Party is a good choice to watch if you’re in the mood for some light comedy.


If you’ve seen The Beach Girls in the past or in recent times are you are on the lookout for movies like The Beach Girls, then the movies listed in this article will suffice. The 15 movies mentioned are some of the best movies similar to The Beach Girls.

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